Nanguo Peach Garden

(Nanguo Peach Garden) 

    Songgang of Nanhai is a place at a distance about 12km from prosperous Guangzhou and Foshan, and it possesses a fascinating wonderland —— Nangou Peach Garden. Nangou Peach Garden Tourist Holiday Resort is a new hit scenic spot of Nanhai, as a famous land of peach bloom in Guangdong; it has been named based on the meaning from “In end of the peach forest” of Tao Yuanming. In this wonderland, plenty trees covering around it and colorful flowers accompanies the songs from birds, it also abound with natural fun, it is one of the best choice of vacation for people who live in bustling city usually and desire the returning to nature. There has no confusing noise and air pollution; the dreamlike scenes will only bring the feeling of relaxation, delight and comfort.The beautiful landscape of Nangou Peach Garden is composed by those limpid shallow streams, blooming fragrant flowers, natural fun stones and the lush greenness of flourishing forest which is over 90% coverage. It just seems like a green vitality sea merged in the oasis of modern civilization to become a wonderland that not enables to forget. And the enjoyment also could be found from the fascinating peach blooming garden and bird’s world, specially the Nanhai move and TV town, the holiday inn with countryside style and a modern Golf Club…