Ancient Nanfeng Kiln

(Nanfeng Kiln)

    Ceramic Capital in south China—Shiwan, where is famous for her 5000 years’ ceramic culture around the world. There is a saying: the ceramics from Shiwan is the first rank in the world. Shiwan also is named as “Chinese Ceramic City”, “the county of ceramic art” for her profound ceramic culture. 

    Situated in Dongping riverside of Ancient Shiwan Town, Guangdong, Ancient Nanfeng Kiln was built up in Zhengde Period of Ming Dynasty (A.D. 1506-1521), it has been continuously firing over 500 years; it is the most ancient dragon kiln in China, and perhaps in the world. She is listed as national important cultural relic site by the State Council and is noted into the Guinnes World Record, reputable as “live cultural relic, unmovable national treasure”. In recent years, Sparkle Ancient Kiln, Nanfeng Banyan, Kiln Housing, Shiwan Ceramic Museum and Pottery DIY Hall etc. scenic spots has been built around the Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, where becoming the unique ceramic culture tourist area in the world with pottery making, appreciating, trading, and relaxing.