Zhongshan Park
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Zhongshan Park, located at the waterfront of Fenjiang River, northeast of Chancheng District, is a complex park integrating leisure, entertainment, propagation, exhibition, scientific promulgation and dining.

This Park is founded in 1928, with an aim to commemorate Mr. Sun Zhongshan. At the initial stages, the Park's total area amounted to only 0.5 hectare. After continuous expansion and reconstruction, the total occupying area of the Park reached 28.07 hectares (of which, the water area reached 12.5 hectares and greenbelts area reached 15.5 hectares respectively), forming a park sight distinguished by wide waters and abundant greenbelts.


The Park is divided into nine scenic spots, of which including South Gate Square, Historical Culture Area, Seniors Sports Area, Lawn Area, Lake Area, Children's Amusement Area, Animal Show Area and Leisure Area. All of the harmonized scenic spots are scattered in an orderly manner.


There are more than 20 tourist attractions, of which mainly include: Old-fashioned Camphor, Hongyan Waterfall, Spring-like Greenland, Elegant Archway, Green Bridge, Powerful Wushu Show, Shady Long Waterfront, Broad Lotus Pond, Flowery Oasis, Carp Paddling, Beautiful Lake, Overlooking the Hump, Red--crowned Crane Singing in the Morning, Coconut Tree in the Sunset, Green Wave under Rainbow, Cicada Singing in the Sunshine, etc. Both the traditional and modern techniques are integrated in tune with the landform, thereby making the tourists fascinated for its simplicity and naturalness.

There are rich and colorful games staged for the children inside the Park, coupled with recreational facilities such as recreation square, overhead pulley, amusement horse race and self-controlled flying disk, etc. Therefore, all children may take delight in the Park.


The occupying area of the Park's Zoo reaches 65 sq.m., wherein there are 46 species of rare animals and birds totalized at 325. Every holiday and weekend, you can enjoy their performance, of which including elephant dance, monkey shouldering water, parrot reading and dog climbing pole, etc.


The Water Plant Area was completed, checked and accepted at the early 2000. This Area is famous for its English-style natural landscape, for example, its small bridge and flowing water, bibulous stone beach, scattered jungle and meadow usually make tourists fascinated. There are 26 species of water lily and pond lily, over 80 thousands carps of different colors. Therefore, it has become a vacationland. Besides, in order to enrich the cultural life of the citizens and tourists during festivals and holidays, large-scale spring flower festival will be held inside the Park every Spring Festival, at the same time, rich and colorful songs and dances, acrobatics shows and folk shows will be staged on every major holidays if practical, coupled with cultural and artistic activities such as rare stone and lamplight exhibitions, and a variety of painting and calligraphy and photographic works expos.

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