Ancient Nanfeng Kiln
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Foshan Ancient Nanfeng Kilnscenic spot locates in the famous ceramics city Shiwan in southern area, which got it fame for its ceramics history of 5000 years. Ancient Nanfeng Kiln covers an area of about 26.6 hectares and it combines with tourism, sightseeing, production, learning a skill and shopping.


Ancient Nanfeng Kiln , founded during Zhengde period of Ming Dynasty(1506-1521), is dubbed as a ceramic living fossil because it has been producing ceramics for five hundred years, which has entered the list of Guinness World Records.


Ancient Nanfeng Kiln covers a lot of traditional craftworks such as miniature, making straw sandals and etc., and it also presents various folk arts including lion dancing, martial art, Cantonese opera, paper-cut and so on, attracting visitors from all over the world everyday.


Ancient Nanfeng Kiln has opened to the visitors since 2000 and it’s a new tourist attraction in Pearl River Delta area. The long history of Shiwan ceramics is demonstrated in the scenic, which is a good place for visitors to truly know about the ceramics culture and its production process. Visitors can not only take a sightseeing in Nanfeng ancient kiln, but also participate in making ceramics. Shiwan’s ceramics craft has been prosperous and successful since Ming and Qing Dynasty and famous artists often go there to experience the cultural art.

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