Shunde world of flowers

(World of Flowers)

Flower World located in Chencun, Shunde District, Foshan in PRC. More than 600 well-known flower manufacturers at home and abroad and in excess of 2 billion yuan will be introduced into the park as the whole project completed, which will be another large-scale agricultural park integrating with flower production, marketing, research, information and tourism in Shunde besides the Flower World of Chencun. 
   The park is involved in flower trading center, landscape garden, stone garden, bonsai garden, palm garden, ornamental fish breeding park and other sections. Thereinto, the International flower trading center covers a total area of over 600,000 square meters, including more than 300,000 square meters of the first phrase, with 3,000 stores there.

Opening time: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Inquiry telephone number: 0757-23832898 0757-23833829