A manufacturing center
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Foshan, an important manufacturing base in China. At present, there are 2 enterprises valued more than 100 billion yuan and 18 enterprises valued more than 10 billion yuan.
In one hour, the Fortune Global 500, Midea intelligent factory produces over 2,800 air conditioners.
In one hour, the world's largest seasoning production enterprise, Haitian produces 48,000 bottles of soy sauce on a production line
In one hour, the oriental magic water "Jianlibao" produces 136,363 cans of drinks
In one hour, FAW-Volkswagen Foshan branch produces 60 cars, being a world leader in the level of "Perfect factory"
In one hour, Wision that ranks No.1 in domestic furniture customized capacity realizes “unmanned” operation in 18,000 storage space
In one hour, Huaxing, China's largest daily-use glass product manufacturer produces 2,280 Coca-Cola bottles.
In one hour, the highest elevator test tower in South China, Winone Elevator goes 9,600 floors up and down.
In one hour, Huashu Robot completes 1,200 times of 1800mm standard handling
In one hour, over 9,000 robots operate to drive Foshan speed
In one hour, more than 77 Fortune global 500 enterprises create value in Foshan National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone.
In one hour, 2,561 national high-tech enterprises promote Foshan manufacturing to the world
In one hour, Foshan high-tech manufacturing industry creates 20 million yuan of total output value.
In one hour, more than 3 million manufacturing talents practice the spirit of craftsman.
In one hour, 60,000 teachers and students from 7 colleges and universities pursue their dreams in Nanhai High Education Mega Center.
In one hour, Foshan completes industrial transformation and investment of over 8.8 million yuan, ranking No.1 in Guangdong province
In one hour, Foshan’s total industrial output value above the scale exceeds 255 million yuan.
In one hour, Foshan creates a GDP of over 10.9 million yuan
Foshan has been approved to create 13 national famous brand demonstration areas such as Nanhai Aluminium, Foshan Ceramics, Semi-conductor Lighting and so on. It has 159 Chinese famous trademarks, ranking the first among national prefecture-level cities.

World Science & Technology + Foshan Manufacturing + Global Market, Foshan will make every effort to build the global manufacturing innovation center facing the globe.
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