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  NANHAI PLAZA: Mainly consists of the large-scale department store and supermarket, complemented with brand franchised stores, a sauna health center, KTV hall, Meiqi Playground, gourmet plaza, Kentucky Fast-food, large-scale banqueting hall, roof garden, cinema, bookstore, gymnasium and domestic electric appliance shop, the plaza deals in more than 80,000,000 kinds of goods and more than 10 items of amusement and eateries. Nanhal Plaza is not only an “all in one” shopping center to the convenience of the consumers, but also a place that can satisfy every demand of the customers.

  南海广场:位于南海区桂城,以百货业和大型超市为龙头,配以名牌专卖店、保龄球馆、桑拿康体中心、KTV 歌舞厅、美奇乐园、美食广场、肯德基快餐、大型宴会厅、空中花园、电影城、图书城、健身馆、家用电器城等,经营商品达八万多种,饮食娱乐项目十多个,满足顾客多样化的购物娱乐需求,让您实现“一站终点”购物消费。




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