CHINA CERAMICS CITY Situated in Shiwan-the Potteries of South China, China Ceramics City is a modern ceramics expo center integrating informing, distributing, exhibiting, touring and diets into one. Costing 300 million Yuan the main exhibition hall covers an area of 50,000 square meters and is completed with a distributing center and trading halls. Because of its perfect and future orientation, China Ceramics City provides consummate service and environment for ceramic enterprises, imports and exports merchants to trade technologies, negotiate and cooperate.


  中国陶瓷城:座落在“南国陶都”石湾,是集博览、展销、信息、饮食、旅游于一体的现代陶瓷展销中心。主展馆建筑面积5 万多平方米,配套仓储配送中心、展销厅等,总投资3 亿多元人民币。中国陶瓷城以其完善超前的功能定位,为陶瓷企业和进出口贸易商进行技术交流、贸易洽谈、经济合作提供最佳的环境和场所。