FOSHAN EASTERN SQUARE: It covers 250000 square meters area and 230000 square meters of it is used for business. There are ten different kinds of groups and the biggest car-parking lot in it. As one of the biggest commercial place in South China, the design, construction, and the functions of Eastern Square melt traveling, entertainment, eastern folk-custom, relaxation and recreation into leisure, and is actually a TOUR MALL. It not only gives the investors, tradesmen and customers a gigantic supermarket, but also a whole business block, the biggiest tourism mall in the west of the Pearl River Delta, a leisure center for enjoying city life, a card introducing Foshan to the world.



  佛山东方广场:占地25 万平方米,其中商用面积超过23 万平方米,十大风格各异的组团,拥有禅城区最大的停车场。作为华南屈指可数的超大型商业航母,东方广场在项目规划、建筑风格、内部装修、功能设置等方面,融入了旅游观光、主题娱乐、东方民俗风情、康体休闲等元素,它呈现给每一个投资者、每一个商户、每一个市民的,不仅仅是一个商铺、一个商场,甚至不仅仅是一个商城,而是一个街区,是体验都市休闲生活方式的中心,是佛山向世界展示的一张名片——珠三角西翼的首席MALL。