How can I get a visa?

    Except those having been granted visa-free access in accordance with laws and regulations, foreign citizens are required in principle to apply for a Chinese visa to Chinese embassies, consulates and offices abroad, the offices of the commissioners of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA Office) in Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions or other resident agencies abroad authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  Overseas Chinese embassies and consulates have their respective jurisdiction, thus, applicants shall in principle apply for a Chinese visa to the Chinese embassy or consulate stationed at the locality of their residence. Except citizens of some individual countries who are required to apply to the Chinese embassy or consulate in the country, applicants generally can go the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate for application.

   Foreign citizens entering China on an ordinary visa shall apply to the public security organ of local people's government above county level authorized by the Ministry of Public Security of PRC for visa extension or change of visa type.

   Documentary requirements for applying a Chinese visa:

     1. Original passport with a validity period of no less than six months as of the date of submission and blank visa pages.

     2. One truthfully, fully and accurately completed Visa Application Form of the People’s Republic of China signed by the applicant.

     3. One recent full-face and bareheaded passport photo (candid photo, photo copy or digital photo printed on plain paper not accepted).

     4. According to different purposes of visit, relevant additional application documents shall be needed

     5. Other supporting documents relating to visa application required by visa officers.  

     6. Applicants shall pay visa fee and urgent or very urgent service charge (if chosen) upon collection of visa.

    Applicants shall submit their applications in person or entrust a third party to submit their applications on their behalf unless it is stipulated that the applicant should come in person or the visa officers require an interview with the applicant. Applicants are under obligation to answer relevant inquiries by the visa officers.