What should I need to know when I wanna rent a house or apartment?

A foreigner may find a house in Foshan through a real estate intermediary.

You should avoid renting a house or apartment if any of the following apply:
(1) There is no certificate of ownership;

(2) The house is sealed up by ruling or decisions of judicial or administrative organs or housing and land rights are restricted in other ways by these organs;

 (3) The house is jointly owned and consent of one or more joint owners is lacking;

(4) Ownership is disputed;

(5) The building is illegal;

(6) The house does not meet safely standards;

(7) The house is mortgaged and consent of the mortgagee has not been obtained;

(8) The house fails to meet requirements set by public security, environmental protection, health or other competent authorities;

(9) The house may not be rented according to other laws, regulations and rules.