Foshan Telephone Service


Emergency Numbers

Police: 110
Fire alarm
Traffic Accident: 112
Ambulance: 120


Hot line

Immigration information service: 96897
Mayor hotline: 12345
Water Supply Hot-line:: 82286373
water fee information service: 83326365
bottled gas delivering number: 82833333
Gas supply pipe repair: 83327777
Power Supply Hot-line: 83380097
power supply information and complaint service: 83380382
electricity charge information service: 83380721
electric meter transcribing information service: 83380339
CATV information service: 83365731



new ticket booking hotline of bus station: 82237345
new ticket booking hotline of railway station: 95105105

Foshan Bus Station: 82232940 (address: No.5 Fengjiangzhong Road, Chancheng)
Town bus station: 82230727 (address: No.3-5 Sizhi Road, Chancheng)
Foshan Ancient Temple (Zumiao) Bus Station: 82223535 (address: No.2 Chengmentou Roud, Chancheng)
Shiwan Bus Station: 82705783 (address: No.9 Jiangwan 2nd Road, Chancheng)
Airport: 82810531
Railway Station: 82810543

Taxi call center: 83366998

Buses Company: 82810501

Bus station information service: 82232940
Province's traffic violations information service: 96897
Chancheng’s traffic violations query number: 96868000



Telecom Service

Number enquiries: 114
Pre-accepted number for newly installed telephone: 189
Telecom operation information service: 180
telephones fee information service: 170
Information consultation: 168
Post service hotline: 185
Zip code information service: 184
International long-distance information service: 106
Telephone Repair: 112
Weather report: 121
China Mobil information service: 1860(manpower), 1861(self-motion)

International IP:17909


Other Telephone Service

Consumers Committee: 12315
Quality supervise: 12365
Prices controlling complaint: 12358
Legal aid hotline: 83322148
Labour aid hotline: 8222120


Hospital Numbers

The First People’s Hospital of Foshan (Lingnan Av.): 83811233
The registration hotline for The First People’s Hospital of Foshan: 16896333
The Second People’s Hospital of Foshan (weiguo Road): 83350411
Emergency room number of Wensha Clinic, The First People’s Hospital of Foshan: 82833223 
Foshan Hospital of TCM (Qinren Road): 82286256
Foshan Mrternity and Child Care Hospital (Fuxian Road): 83367873
Shiwan People’s Hospital (shiwan): 82272991
Tongji Hospital (Tonghuadong 2nd Road): 83332703


Bank Service

ICBC call center: 95588

BOC call center: 82683688

ABC call center: 86222255

CCB call center: 83333223

BCM call center: 83366333

Complaint numbers for government department

Safety problems: 82719145

Quality and technology supervision Bureau of Foshan: 12365、82254742

Foshan Administration for Industry and Commerce: 12315

Foshan Health Bureau: 83109768、83109691、83106486(nighttime)

Foshan Drug Administration: 83338290

Foshan Alcohol Monopoly Bureau: 82285137

Foshan Salt Monopoly Bureau: 83208246

Foshan Agriculture Bureau: 83320100

Foshan Combating the production and distribution of fake and shoddy goods violations Office: 82244499

Hotline for reported the potential of fire

Chancheng: 82707020(daytime) ; 82707030 (nighttime)

Nanhai: 86263119

Shunde: 22321333

Sanshui: 87733119

Gaoming: 88882119