What should I pay attention to?
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      Foreigners in China shall abide by laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China.

   1. Applicants should check if their visas are valid and have enough entries before coming to China. Applicants should reapply for a visa if their visas are expired or do not have enough entries. 

    2. Foreigners carrying animals and plants, currencies and other articles into China shall abide by relevant laws of China and regulations of health quarantine department, animal and plant quarantine department, customs and financial supervision and regulation department.  

    3. Foreigners shall not undertake any activity not related to their purposes of visit declared in their visa application in China.

   4. Foreign citizens shall not stay in China once the validity period of their visas expires. Foreign citizens in China shall pay attention to the validity period of their passports and the stay period of their visas (click here for details). A foreign citizen who wishes to extend his stay period in China shall, before the expiration of the period, apply for an extension to the local public security department.

   5. Foreigners who wish to travel in cities and counties that are not open to aliens shall apply for a travel permit in advance to the bureau of public security of the municipality or county where they reside, and they can start for their destination only after they have obtained permission. Foreigners shall not enter places not open to aliens without permission.

   6. Please note and try to avoid the following situations which will lead to refusal of boarding, denial of entry, penalty or other punishments.   

     (1) Those who fail to get a visa in advance before coming to China, except those exempt from a visa in accordance with laws and regulations; 

   (2) Those who come to China with expired and invalid visa;

   (3) Those who overstay in China;

   (4) Those whose passports expire during their stay in China (no matter their visa stay period is still in effect or not). .

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