The First People’s Hospital of Foshan
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The First People’s Hospital of Foshan

Guangdong The First People’s Hospital of Foshan was established in 1881, which is the most large-scale third-grade class A hospital and medical instructor center in Foshan. It is the member hospital of AEA, and the teaching hospital, graduate student, and postdoctor teaching base for many medical colleges. The hospital also has extensive operation cooperation with overseas famous hospitals. 

The hospital is supervised by head hospital group. 41 clinic medico-technical departments and 14 large therapy centers, the tumor hospital and Chuihong Clinic are under the management of the head hospital. There are 1500 sickbeds; that can take care almost 6000 people for treatment everyday, and the maximum volume reach 7,144 a day; inpatients is 43,000 per year; and the operation discharge is about 25,700 per year.  

It is about three centuries since the establishment of the hospital. The hospital had moved to south of city, where covers an area of 90,553 sq.m. and with 153,000 sq.m. floor area. The building equip with central air-conditioning system, centralized medical gas supply system, plumbing pneumatic transmission system, intelligent fire control system, automatic building management system and computer network management, which provide with new space, new services and new feelings. In addition, the advanced equipment, high-level technology, prominent specialist, quality service, digitized etc. makes the hospital wonderful bright within the medical and health industries in PRD.


The general surgery department in our hospital is appraised as the characteristic department by Guangdong Province. There are 7 emphasis departments in our hospital: Hepatobiliary Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cardiovascular medicine, Nephrology, ENT, Anesthesia, Urology. Specialist four characteristics: Thoracic Surgery, Nuclear Medicine, Ophthalmology, Infectious.
 In the first half year of 2003, the First People’s Hospital in Foshan had blocked the attack of SARS successfully, no patient died from SARS, no medical staff infection, no intercross infection. It was named as the Example Hospital in fight against SARS, won the “Advanced unit of the National Health Collective”, “Advanced unit of national hospital culture”, “Advanced grass roots Party organization in Guangdong” and other honorary titles.
From Aug. 2003, the First People’s Hospital of Foshan has been serving with citizen the telephone registration. As long as people dial 16896333 and operate following the directions, then can have the examine number of the specialist all of times. Thus, there are 4 ways to register in hospital: register from windows, self-help register, register online and telephone register. It is fairly convenience for people to see the doctor in the First People’s Hospital of Foshan.  

The First People’s Hospital of Foshan is the largest comprehensive hospital in Foshan city, it has tasks likes the medical treating, teaching, scientific research, health care and supervise the medical work in the city on its shoulders.

The hospital with beautiful environment and convenient traffic is located in the south of city, where covers an area of 90,553 sq.m. and with 153,000 sq.m. floor area.
 This hospital was set up by Englishmen in Gangwalan 1881, than had been moved to Wenchangsha in 1908, after that, it was taken over by the government in 1953. It had been moved to this address from 1998, this hospital has a history of 119 years.
 There are more than 1700 employee, thereinto 142 senior professionals, 35 doctors and masters. The hospital equipped with CT, ECT, MR, linear accelerator etc. large-sized medical facilities 694 sets in total. 
 It sets up 38 clinic medical technology offices, governs a tumor hospital and Chuihong Outpatient Department, and implements a general group management. It sets up 12 large feature therapy centers including a national aesthetic dentistry center, China Cardiovascular Technical Collaboration Training Center Municipal Hospital Sub-center, Heart Interventional Therapy Center and Gynaecologic Laparoscopy Therapy Center, over 20 advantaged specialties including Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Pediatric Cardiology Department, Obstetrics and Gynecology etc., and 14 specialty laboratories including Reproductive Genetics Laboratory, Molecular Biology Laboratory etc
In Sep. 1991, the hospital was named as the third-grade A class hospital; it was appraised as teaching hospital for Guangdong senior medical colleges in Apr. 1997; in Sep. 2000, it became the teaching base for the graduate students from Zhongshan Medical University.

Specialized Department:
Clinic, Emergency, Digestive System, Cardiology, Vascular Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Medicament Department, Urology Surgery, Pediatrics, Clinical Laboratory

Prevention and Care Department, Incretion Medicine, General Surgery, Infectious Department, Medical Imaging Department, TCM, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, B Ultra Room 
Chuihong Clinic, Nephrology, pediatric surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Nuclear Medicine, Medical Department, Rheumatology, Immunology Dept., Bone Surgery, Department of Stomatology, Institute of Clinical Medicine, Nursing Department, Respiratory Medicine, Burning Plastic Surgery, cosmetic dentistry, Comprehensive Consulting Dept., ICU, Dermatology, Blood Medicine, Anesthesiology- Operating room, Cosmetic Surgery, Rehabilitation and physical therapy section, tumor hospital

Add: Lingnan Av.

Emergency No.: 0757-3811233

Reference No. of Registration Center: 0757-3833633-3101

Booking No. for Special Diagnoses: 0757-3816000


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