The Second People’s Hospital of Foshan

The Second People’s Hospital of Foshan

A Brief Introduction to the hospital


The Second People’s Hospital of Foshan, located in the thriving downtown of Foshan City, is a modern general hospital with comprehensive specialized departments, modern equipment, exquisite technique and excellent service, integrating medical service, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and rehabilitation. It is the only convenient hospital in Foshan whose plate was formally put up in January, 2003. The hospital, in the spirit of “united for the people, staying pragmatic and innovative”, sticking to the tenet of “serving in the interest of and for the convenience of the citizens, striving for excellence” and adhering to the service goal of “providing affordable and effective medical service for the people”, is oriented towards the need of the city as well as the whole country.  It is always ready to receive every patient with cordial service.


The hospital currently occupies an area of 11,600 sq. m., with 40,000 sq. m. of building for medical use. There are 637 professional technical personnel, among whom 121 are specialists and professors, 21 master candidates, two doctor candidates and two post doctors. The hospital has set up 38 clinical and medical departments and 11 functional departments. The outpatient clinical departments includes department of internal medicine, surgical department, department of obstetrics and gynecology, department of pediatrics, ophthalmology center (keratopathy department, glaucoma department, department of ocular fundus diseases and department of optometry and ophthalmology – the optometric center), E.N.T. department, orthopedics and traumatology department, department of stomatology, department of traditional Chinese medicine, department of dermatology, department of psychological counseling, medical examination center, department of anesthesiology, medical plastic surgery and beauty center, with 78 specialized clinics attended by specialists. Medical departments consist of clinical laboratory, medical imaging department, pharmacy, type-B ultrasonic room, electrocardiogram room, electroencephalogram room, fiberbronchoscope lab, gastrointestinal endoscope lab, department of pathology, hyperbaric oxygen and lithotriptic therapy center.


The hospital boasts of advanced and complete equipment. The 544 medical devices, each with a price of over 10,000 yuan, amount to 120 million yuan in total. It has a large batch of internationally advanced medical equipment, such as the American GE16-slice spiral CT,  American GE 1.5 T double gradients nuclear magnetic resonance imaging system, American GE digital image X-ray machine (DR), angiographic C-arm X-ray machine (DSA) by the German Siemens, Philips SONOS7500 real-time three-dimensional cardiac color Doppler ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus, Philips EnVisor color ultrasonic system, automatic biochemical analyzer, central monitoring system, American excimer laser, German Fresenius 4008S hemodialysis machine, German Stockert SIII artificial heart-lung machine, etc. With the capability to proceed with different kinds of assistant examination and to cure all sorts of difficult and complicated cases, as well as advanced first aid equipment and relatively high first aid level, the hospital has already formed a strong and powerful technological pattern which features focuses in the hospital, characteristics in different departments and specialties in every staff.  


The hospital establishes the principle of “invigorating medicine through science and education” and lays great stress on scientific and educational work. Through further improvement of management and incentive system of scientific research, a favorable atmosphere of “invigorating the hospital through science and education” has taken shape. Until now, the hospital has won 15 national patents, over 20 scientific and technological achievements, one Scientific and Technological Award of Guangdong Province, 15 Scientific and Technological Award of Foshan City. In recent three years, it obtained two projects initiated by Guangdong Science and Technology Department and seven by Guangdong Health Department. In 2000, the hospital successfully passed the examination and review and was granted the title of teaching hospital of higher medical education institutions. The internal medicine department, surgical department, department of obstetrics and gynecology, department of pediatrics, ophthalmology center, E.N.T. department, department of anesthesiology and other departments, upon examination and approval of Guangdong Health Department, have become a standardized training base for clinical resident doctors in Guangdong Province. The clinical complex laboratory and the ophthalmological research center of post-doctoral stations for corporations in Foshan City, together with Guangdong Commission for Reparative and Reconstructive Surgery of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, is located in the Second People’s Hospital of Foshan. In July, 2003, it was authorized to be a joint training base for master candidates of Guangdong Medical College.

The Second People’s Hospital of Foshan has history of over 30 years. The new complex building has been put into use, which is equipped with advanced service equipment and facilities, such as central air-conditioning system, modern information system, central monitoring system, first-rate operating room and high standard ICU, improving greatly the medical service condition of the hospital. The hospital, with modern equipment, complete departments and elegant environment, is now providing better service for the society with a brand-new image. 


Key Specialized Department:

Ophthalmology Department: It is the key specialized department of Foshan. The ophthalmological research institute of the municipal ophthalmology center and the Sino-American cooperation ophthalmology center are located in the hospital. With complete and cutting-edge equipment and supporting facilities, it has great technical power. Headed by chiefs Su Zonglong and Sun Kang, the hospital took the lead in carrying out the advanced keratoplasty, squint correction, cataract phacoemulsification, intraocular lens implantation, excimer laser treatment and others in the city.  


Key Departments under Construction:
Cardiovascular Medicine: Under the leadership of Xiong Huafeng, director and chief physician of the hospital, the department is the first to deploy many high and new technologies in the city. Not only are different catheterization methods developed, but also interventional therapies for congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease are carried out, attracting a large number of patients from inside and outside Guangdong Province.   
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Li Shuguang, specialist and deputy director of the hospital, is the fist post doctor in oral and maxillofacial surgery in Guangdong. With fairly high popularity both inside and outside the province, he attracts a great number of difficult and complicated cases around the country, among whom, 80% are patients from places other than Guangdong.
Department of Stomatology: Its porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crown and tooth implantation are fairly notable inside and outside Guangdong Province. Chief physician Shi Liang is apt at preserving seriously luxated teeth caused by advanced periodontal disease. Especially, his retention and restoration techniques for residual teeth have reached the advanced level in the country.   

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology: In recent years, headed by chief physician Huang Hao, the department of obstetrics and gynecology has been making great efforts to develop minimal invasive surgery (hysteroscope and laparoscope). At present, over 20 different kinds of gynecological endoscopy have been carried out and over 90% of its gynecological operations are done by endoscopy. In terms of types of operation and range of disease, only a few advanced hospitals in the country can reach its level. Thus, a large number of doctors are attracted to visit the hospital and have further study.    

Thyroid Department: Under the leadership of Liang Zhaoyu, deputy director of the hospital and chief Ou Xiaowei, the hospital has won fairly high reputation in Foshan after decades of hard work. The hospital does annually about 500 operations. Some of its patients come from inside and outside Guangdong, as well as from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, America and Canada.  

Department of Cardiac Surgery: The department has comprehensively introduced specialists in cardiovascular surgery and mature techniques and experience from Guangdong General Hospital. It is equipped with the most advanced cardiac surgery apparatus in the world and is composed of health care workers with all-round skill, rich experience and strong sense of responsibility in the hospital. Led by Li Zhongmin, a specialist in cardiac surgery, the intracardiac operation under direct vision with extracorporeal circulation has become a regular operation, with 2~3 such operations per week and patients can be released form the hospital in 5 days averagely, winning acclaim from both inside and outside the hospital.   

E.N.T. Department: E.N.T. department is a key specialized department under construction, which takes as the lead the endoscopic sinus surgery, otomicrosurgery and head and neck tumor surgery while at the same time develops in all dimensions. Headed by Chen Shuhua, department chief and chief physician, its medical care level and techniques keep improving and refining, making it quite well-known inside and outside the province.


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