A bite of Foshan
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Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day is upcoming
Where will you spend your holiday?
Why not come to Foshan for a delicious food tour?



Foshan Food and Leisure Tour


On August 30th, a promotion meeting on Guangdong tourism was held in Wuhan. The tourism authorities from Hubei and Guangdong Province, well-known travelling salesmen, major tourism industry organizations, tourists, etc. participated in this promotion meeting to explore the charm of Guangdong.



In order to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between tourism industry of Foshan and Hubei, Foshan Tourism Bureau organized a delegation to take part in the promotion. During the meeting, representative tourism products such as Foshan Food and Leisure Tour have attracted extensive attention, showing the food culture and tourism fascination of Foshan.


It is said that " eating in Guangzhou, cooking in Shunde". CCTV documentary programs, A Bite of Shunde and Story of Eels, are appetizing. Why not have a try of Foshan delicacies when you come to Foshan?


Renhai Village, Chinese Village of Eel


If you like Lingnan specialties, Double-Layer Steamed Milk, a bundled pig's trotter stuffed with pork, Lunjiao rice cake, Gaoming glutinous noodles will definitely make you drool!


glutinous noodles


If you are fond of special feast, you can taste a banquet of fish, Shunde raw fish, a feast made of Nanhai Dading bitter melon.


a feast made of Nanhai Dading bitter melon


Shunde crispy fish skin


If you enjoy morning tea and Cantonese cuisine, Foshan won’t let you down.

morning tea in Foshan


Stewed Chicken


If those still can't satisfy yourself, let's take time to go through the five districts of Foshan, admire the beauty of Foshan and taste the specialties of each district.


Recommended Foshan Food Tour Route

Foshan Ancestral Temple——delicacies in Foshan Lingnan Tiandi——Foshan Hotel——Ancient Nanfeng Kiln——Zinan Village

CCTV Nanhai Movie and TV Town­——Songtang Village——a banquet with alcoholic drink in Jiujiang——Xiqiao Mountain——National Arts Studios

Qinghui Garden——Shunde Museum——Private kitchen——Chuanlord Tourism & Leisure EXPO Park——Fengjian Waterside Village

Yingxiang Ecological Park——Gaoming glutinous noodles——Midea Egret Lake Forest Resort——Xijiang fresh fish

Sanshui Lotus World of Foshan——ancient bulding cluster of Daqitou Village——Sanshui Zoology Kingold Park


A preview for 2018 Shunde Food Festival


If those are not enough for you, don't miss the Shunde Food Festival held during the National Day holiday (September 30-October 4). This year marks the 13th consecutive year of Shunde Food Festival and the main venue event will still take place in Desheng Square in Shunde Daliang, lasting for 5 days.



The main venue of 2018 Shunde Food Festival has six main theme exhibition areas, containing Shunde Food Hall, World Food Pavilion, Global Food Area, Food Innovation Zone, Green Food Area and Morning Tea Experience Area, with a total of 130 booths.



Besides, this Food Festival will gather foods from all over the world, create a mini “World Expo” of gourmet. Chengdu, Macau and Shunde will join this food festival together to bring more top-class and more abundant gourmet feasts to people. 


Foshan welcomes tourists from various places to visit “World Food Capital” and taste Lingnan cuisine.

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