Foshan Grand Theatre is to open in October
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Every time we pass Dongping River, the Fang Tower will attract the attention of many people. Recently, Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, Press and Publication of Foshan revealed that Foshan grand theatre will have its first show in October. In the future, Foshan people can enjoy no less than 50 to 80 top-notch high-class art performances every year.


Foshan grand theatre holds trial performance in Oct.


“In the past, the South China previews of many performances are held in Guangzhou.” With Foshan Grand Theatre, according to actual operation and arrangements, these performances may come to Foshan. Besides, in the future Foshan will not only introduce national and even global good shows, but also promote Foshan characteristic performances to the world with the platform of China Arts and Entertainment Group.


It is introduced that Foshan Grand Theatre can contain 1,235 audience in total. It is going to become the palace of Foshan high art and an urban cultural name card of Foshan with Fang Tower.


Formed admiring atmosphere and professional public comment


It is known that the 2018 Foshan Music Season and 2018 Foshan Theatre Season held this year have attracted many audience. Although it is making progress, Foshan Entertainment Center thinks that the high art atmosphere in Foshan needs to be improved.


Besides, Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, Press and Publication of Foshan cooperates with Foshan Qionghua Hall to invest two million yuan in Foshan high art shows every year to cultivate high art atmosphere.


Art shows attract people to go to different places


So far, there are a batch of high art fans in Foshan. With high-quality shows, most of them will pay to buy a ticket. Mr. Mai is a high art fan and he thinks that every year many Foshan people will go to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other places to watch performances, which proves that Foshan people have high art consumption need. “However, compared with Guangzhou, Foshan market still has room for improvement.”


In more than 20 years, Ms. Tang has watched a lot of excellent shows. In order to develop her daughter’s hobby, as long as there are high-quality shows, she will bring her daughter to watch. “We bought relatively expensive tickets every time, which costs more than 3,000 yuan in total.”


Are you willing to pay for quality shows?


“When I know that Foshan Grand Theatre will have a premiere in October, I am very excited.” Ms. Cai said. She is happy to watch high-quality shows in Foshan instead of Guangzhou and other neighbour cities. In fact, there are lots of people with the same experience as Ms. Cai. Their experiences reveal the problems in Foshan high art market. Small admiring groups lead to small high art market; small market leads to difficult access to high-quality shows, which accelerates the separation of local groups. The circle makes Foshan market trapped in an embarrassing place.

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