Foshan’s first 5D viewing glass bridge meets with tourists
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Foshan's first viewing glass bridge opens to visitors 

On September 29, the 12th Gaoming (Ying Xiang) Rice-noodle Festival was held at Ying Xiang Ecological Park. The rice-noodle festival will continue until October 29, focusing on presenting to tourists the style and long history of the Gaoming’s traditional delicacy, promoting the development of all-for-one tourism in Gaoming. 



The organizers said that the annual rice-noodle festival held on a regular basis aims to inherit the historical culture, legends and traditional crafts of rice noodle, so as to make Ying Xiang Ecological Park a tourist product with stories and culture, and to promote the standardized production of Gaoming rice noodle. 



The rice-noodle festival will last for one month. Besides tasting the traditional delicacy rice-noodle in Gaoming, tourists can also experience the upgraded tourism facilities at Ying Xiang Ecological Park. 



At the opening ceremony, Ying Xiang Ecological Park officially launched the “Lingyun Feidu” project, which includes 5D glass bridge, high-altitude flight rope, airship, high-speed flying vehicle and shouting fountain. It constitutes a panoramic tour with a total length of 1558 meters and tourists can play in the air all the time, which is one of the most comprehensive air-tour projects in China. 


It is the first viewing glass bridge in Foshan with a total length of 288 meters and a width of 3.6 meters. Each glass has an area of 7 square meters. 



In addition to holding the rice-noodle Festival, Gaoming’s brand festivals will also include the Rape Flower Festival, Mountain Climbing Festival, Harvest Festival and so on, promoting the popularity and regional awareness. 



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