Zhao Hai


  Zhao Hai, male, Han nationality, a native of Datong, Shanxi, born in Jun. 1967, started to work in Jul. 1990; joined CPC in Jul. 1986; holding a bachelor degree. Currently as Deputy Mayor of Foshan Municipal Government. 

  Job Duty: In charge of land planning; environmental protection; housing and construction management; transportation; water-related affairs; state-owned assets; finance; housing fund; meteorological affairs; three proofings; Three-old transformation; civil air defence, geology and earthquake. 

  Professional Resume: 

  ● 1986.09-1990.07 Undergraduate Study in Department of Philosophy, Sun Yat-sen University, Majoring in Philosophy 

  ● 1990.07-1993.03 Cadre and Deputy Office Director in Personnel Section, Nanhai County Economic Committee, Guangdong  

  ● 1993.03-1998.07 Manager, Deputy GM, Nanhai Investment Company of Universe Exhibition Group 

  ● 1998.07-1999.10 Town Mayor Assistant, Deputy Director and Director of Industrial Office of Heshun County, Nanhai, Guangdong 

  ● 1999.10-2004.07 Principal Staff Member of Nanhai Municipal (District) Party Committee Office; Deputy Director and Director of Central Policy Research Office; Deputy Director of Nanhai District Party Committee Office 

  ● 2004.07-2005.01 Deputy Director of Nanhai District Party Committee Office; Director of Central Policy Research Office (Section Level) 

  ● 2005.01-2007.01 Director of Nanhai District Party Committee Office (Meanwhile: 2007.02-2007.07 Director of Cities and Towns Work Department Concurrently) 

  ● 2007.07-2011.01 Member of Standing Committee of Nanhai District Party Committee; Director of Organization Department 

  ● 2011.01-2013.12 Director of Management Committee and Secretary of Leading Party Group (Secretary of Party Working Committee) of Foshan Dongping New City (Foshan New City) 

  ● 2013.12-2014.07 Deputy Secretary of Shunde District Party Committee (Contemporarily); Deputy Secretary of Party Working Committee and Director of Management Committee of Foshan New City (Sino-Germany Industrial Service Zone)  

  ● 2014.07-2015.10 General Secretary of Foshan Municipal Party Committee; Director of Foshan Municipal Party Committee Office 

  ● 2015.10-So Far Deputy Mayor of Foshan Municipal Government