Indian Media: India will continue to establish its military relation with China “slowly and stably”
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[By Comprehensive Reporting] According to the report of Times of India on Oct. 11th, India will continue to establish its military relation with China “slowly and stably”. Since the first joint strategic maneuver between China and India along the LOC in the eastern Ladakh and Sikkim, both countries will once again join hands together to launch the annual “hand-in-hand” combat exercise in Oriente next to Pune, Maharashtra, during the period between Nov. 15th and 27th.

It is reported that Chinese and Indian military forces, as the largest and second largest standing army in the world, have taken the major measures by launching “hand-in-hand” exercise to build up mutual trust.

Times of India has quoted the statement of highly-placed sources that in the 6th exercise to be launched, PLA will appoint over 170 soldiers, who will be equipped with sniper rifle, flamethrower, corner shooting system and laser device with blinding effect. They will participate in anti-terrorism drill with Indian soldiers equipped with their own professional weapons.

It is reported that this drill will focus on “transnational terrorism”.

It is reported that China has been “using Pakistan” to “check and balance India” in South Asia. Besides the completely dissymmetry between both countries in terms of military force, India is also concerning the upgrading military infrastructure of China near LOC. Moreover, China recently has “hindered” India to participate in the group of nuclear supply countries, leading to the further worsening of the situation. However, despite of these stimulating factors, India has also promoted its relationship with China for defense affairs through launching military exercise with China, promoting communication at senior level and establishing hot lines.

It is reported that the last two “hand-in-hand” joint drills between China and India was held in Kunming, China, in 2007 and Belgaum, India, in 2008 respectively. The drill was forced to be suspended due to disputes of visas between both countries between 2009 and 2010 and recovered in 2013. (Compiled by: Intern Wu Xiao; Edited by: Tan Liya)