Former American Ambassador in China: There is no issue between China and America to be solved via war.
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According to the report of CRI Online (by journalist Li Meng), Today, (on Oct. 11th) on the officially convened 7th Session of Xiangshan Forum, South China Sea has become the hot topic of discussion undoubtedly. President of China Research Institute of South China Sea Wu Shicun gave a speech that along with the release of South China Sea arbitration three months ago and a series of effective diplomatic countermeasures taken by China, the situation of South China Sea had entered into a relatively peaceful stage. “However, I believe that such quietness is just temporary and periodic; in the future, the situation of South China Sea will enter into a new development stage.”

Wu Shicun believed that the uncertainty of South China Sea issue had increased, mainly due to the qualitative change of South China Sea issue. The law game playing of South China Sea dispute will only increase based on the proposition of America and Japan as the arbitration effective and the proposition of China as the arbitration ineffective. Besides, such a process will not end until the completion of island infrastructure in South China Sea constructed by China and the conclusion of Code of Conduct in South China Sea.

According to him, China will insist in not accepting or admitting the arbitration in the future and continue to promote the right maintenance activities in South China Sea based on the construction of island infrastructure, leading to more challenges and greater pressures for China in multi-lateral diplomatic occasions. America, Japan and parts of ASEAN countries will take advantage of any of multi-lateral occasions and mechanisms for speculation and pressuring.

Wu Shicun suggested that the grand direction for the improvement of China-Philippine relation in the future would not change, yet it would not be smooth either, but various barriers and diversions of various aspects. The dispute focusing on fishing rights in Huangyan Island would become the major barrier hindering the rapid improvement of China-Philippine relationship.

“Military game playing will also become the obvious characteristics of South China Sea competition in the future, with the game playing between Chinese and American military force as the main line. The entering of America and ASEAN countries into 12 sea miles of South China Sea may be normalized. If Japan enters into South China Sea and participates in the joint cruise dominated by America against China, there will be a greater possibility for the occurrence of military conflict in South China Sea, because of the lack of mutual political trust and opposite military strategy between China and Japan and the lack of crisis control and management,” said Wu Shicun.

Then, who to maintain the stability in South China Sea? Wu Shicun expressed that China had been committed to maintaining the peace in South China Sea. However, it was hard to maintain it only by China itself, which required the efforts made by all. In particular, China and America shall strengthen its mutual cooperation. Now, China and America have composed the main line for dispute of South China Sea. “In my opinion, China and America shall construct the military relation in South China Sea to avoid erroneous judgment and control crisis. America shall restrain the behaviors of close-up reconnaissance and moving its warships into 12-sea-mile of South China Sea; avoid from using the arbitration to exert pressure on China; shall not involve Japan and ASEAN countries into the joint cruise of South China Sea targeted at China; not construct military bases around South China Sea targeted at China and launch any joint military exercise targeted at China. As the response, China will upgrade the function of public service in island construction; avoid the island construction in Huangyan Island and set up air defense identification zone of South China Sea.”