American Senior Officer: America welcomes China to participate in Asian-Pacific affairs actively and constructively
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Reported by China News Service in Washington on Oct. 11th, American East Asian Affairs Assistant Secretary of State Russell, on Oct. 11th local time, expressed in Washington that America welcomed China to participate in Asian-Pacific affairs actively and constructively.

Center for Strategic and International Studies held a symposium on Asian-Pacific issues on the same day, where Russell gave the speech with the statement mentioned above. According to him, during the past years, leaders of America and China have organized Leaders Summit, G20 Leaders Summit and other multi-lateral platform for bilateral communication, through APEC, which have made obvious contributions to the comprehensive constructive development of Sino-US relations.

Russell expressed that America had made great efforts to maintain and expand the bilateral dialog with China at various levels, to confront with the challenges and issues in terms of Asian-Pacific region. As for the existing differences, the two parties would seek to get a deep understanding of their respective interests and concerns while surpassing the diplomatic parlance and key points in speeches in dialog, although at present no “breakthrough” had been made in each field topic, a large number of misunderstandings and certain suspicions had been eliminated.

He stressed that America welcomed China to participate in Asian-Pacific affairs constructively and welcomed China’s emergence with prosperity, stability, responsibility and contributions to regional order, stability and growth.

For US-Philippine relation with continuous fluctuation recently, Russell said that US and Philippines shared common interests in security, economy, humanity and commerce. America cherished its relationship with Philippines and expected a stable development. America attached importance to the promises and obligations it had made to Philippines and wished the “equal return” from Philippines.

For the fifth nuclear experiment of North Korea last month, Russell stated that American party expected that UNSC would pass a new resolution, which would make “prominent” progress to restrain the behaviors of North Korea. (By Journalist Zhang Weiran)