American Media: China will build up the deepest and biggest HSR station in the world at the foot of Great Wall.
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According to the report released on Washington Post on Sep. 29th, the greatest project of ancient China will meet its counterpart in modern China.

According to China’s media, China’s government plans to build up the deepest and biggest HSR station in the world at the foot of a most popular section of Great Wall, acting as one of the planning contents that link the capital and Winter Olympics venues in 2022.

This station will be built in Badaling in the northwest of Beijing, which is the most popular scene of Great Wall.

This new HSR rail line will shorten the journey time between Beijing and Zhangjiakou, the host place of Winter Olympics in 2022, from over 3 hours to 50 minutes.

According to the report of China’s media, the underground floor area of Badaling is over 360,000 square meters, with the deepest depth as 102 meters, making it the largest and deepest HSR station in the world.

According to the report, the best in China depends on the semantic adjustment. In the draft, this station is the deepest HSR station in China, but not the deepest railway station. For instance, in Keiv, the arsenal subway station is 105 meters underground.

Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR line is as long as 174 kilometers, with 10 stops in Beijing North, Qinghe, Badaling, and Zhangjiakou South. Its fastest speed is 350 km/h, with a branch leading to Chongli. During Winter Olympics in 2022, ski competition will be held in Chongli.

Railway engineers said that they would ensure that this project would not damage the world natural heritage site rewarded by UNESCO.

In social media, many netizens have expressed their sense of pride.

One posted as: “It is no longer the period for China to exceed Europe and America, but setting our own standard. We have the best!” (Compiled by Long Jun)