Taiwan Media: Tsai Ing-wen Voluntarily acted as the adopted daughter of USA but being abandoned?
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Regional leader of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen gave Oct. 10th Speech to call on Mainland China to “envisage the existence of Republic of China”, which has been treated as setting the tone of policy as “fighting against China”. According to the report of United Daily News on Nov. 11th, official of American State Council, in an e-mail replying to this report, said that the stable and peaceful relationship between Taiwan and mainland China was in the interest of America; more importantly, both parties shall make joint efforts to maintain the peace and stability. Senior media practitioner Xiao Shiyan of Taiwan told journalists of Global Times on Oct. 11th that despite the American State Council didn’t reply to Tsai’s stand in the form of “public declaration”; it gave a dislike answer to her in the shortest time, just as a slap on her face.

According to the report on United Daily News, American State Council spokesman Ritchie Allen stated in the e-mail that America still stuck to the three communiqués between China and America and the policy of “one China” on the basis of Taiwan Relations Act. This would promote the peace and stability of Taiwan Strait and nearby areas. America welcomed Taiwan and mainland China to undertake steps to reduce the tension and improve the bilateral relationship; encourage Beijing and Taiwan authorities to conduct constructive dialogs on the basis of dignity and respect. She said that America would continue to urge both parties to be elastic, patient and creative.

“Such a declaration of American State Council is not rare. However, we shall not treat it as a political formula. On the contrary, it contains much political information of America.” Chen Yixin, scholar of Americas Research Institute of Tamkang University, when interviewed by journalists of Global Times on Oct. 11th, analyzed the deep connotation in it. Firstly, this is an reminder to Tsai: don’t go too far, don’t choose the fierce cross-strait policy and don’t stimulate mainland China; secondly, it alerts the restless deep green power of Taiwan; in the end, it also tries to alert mainland China that America has its influence on Taiwan.

In the past, Tsai, after confirming that Taiwan would not participate in the annual meeting of ICAO, wrote an open letter to the member of Democratic Progressive Party that Taiwan shall fight against the pressure from mainland China and develop its relationship with other countries. On the basis of this open letter, spokesman of East Asia Office of American State Council Grace Choi was just as same as Ritchie Allen. In criticizing it, World Journal said that America was sympathetic but unable to help Taiwan which was trapped into a new dilemma.

According to United Daily News, after tolerating for over 4 months, Tsai was tougher to mainland China in these days. The open letter to Democratic Aggressive Party members and the appointment of James Soong Chu-yu as the representative of APEC to receive interviews from international media have demonstrated the face of war hawk. However, all of clues of America in terms of Taiwan are worth Tsai’s alerting. There was only one American House of Representatives participating in the Ceremony of Oct. 10th, is it the result of pro-American or Tsai voluntarily acting as the adopted daughter of America, yet being abandoned?

According to a review article released by Oriental Daily News, Taiwan personages in dark green believe that “America will definitely save Taiwan”. They believe that America is definitely reliable or even that it will save Taiwan and fight to death against China, leading to the successful and natural “independence” cause of Taiwan after the triumph of US army. Chen Yixin told journalists of Global Times that on Oct. 5th, the newly appointed Chairman of American Association in Taiwan Mo Jian stated in Washington that the cross-strait peace and stability was in the interest of America. Now, American presidential election has been at the most key time, so that American government would not increase new topics for election due to Taiwan Strait issue; and the unpredictability of Trump would make the democratic government scared.

Some Taiwan media criticized that Taiwan shall not draw up a constitution for Taiwan independence and this was the red line for mainland China. America is fully aware that mainland China will, at any cost, stick to its determination of red line, so that it has also become the red line of America. Taiwan independence separatist force will be unable to break through the two strong red lines. From this aspect, the unification or independence disputation inside Taiwan is just the tornado in a teapot. This criticism believed that Tsai would admit 1992 Consensus and would make various measures to suppress mainland China, e.g. to sack all of diplomatic allies or cease various agreements between Taiwan and mainland China, etc. All of these measures have not broken through the red line. And America will not lend it a hand or even won’t care about it. In the end, it will be Taiwan who suffers losses.

According to the report of China Times on Oct. 11th, Tsai’s Oct. 10th Speech has repeatedly stressed the “maintenance of current status”. Former Taiwan regional leader Ma Ying-jeou stressed, on Oct. 10th, that 1992 Consensus acted as one part of the current status. If we deny it, the current status would not be maintained. He said that 1992 Consensus shall be the greatest common divisor for the relationship between Taiwan and mainland China, which has been supported by most public. (By Special Correspondent of Global Times in Taiwan Hu Youzhong and Global Times Reporter Cui Jietong)