Philippine President Visited China: I expect a great relationship between China and Philippines.
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According to the report of Philippine Daily Inquirer on Oct. 11th, on the eve of visiting China, Philippine president Duterte expressed that he had a good feeling that there would be a good relationship between China and Philippines, as long as Philippines would not propose the issue of sovereignty dispute of Huangyan Island.

Between Oct. 19th and 21st, Duterte will visit China. This will be the first state visit for Duterte since his assumption of duty over 3 months ago. China is also the first country that Duterte visits beyond ASEAN countries. Philippine media have commonly believed that this visit will repair the relationship between both countries.

On Oct. 10th, Duterte gave a speech in Lamitan, Basilan Province, Philippines, and told the public that the key strategy for this visit to China would be not focusing on the South China Sea arbitration.

“I have a good feeling that we will have a good time. However, the prerequisite shall be that we don’t propose the issue of Huangyan Island, because we will not win in this issue.”

Duterte said that China had loosed the quarantine restrictions on bananas and pineapples exported from Philippines.

In this speech, Duterte also made a promise to the public of Lamitan that if it was a fruitful trip, the government would undertake proper measures to improve local production and living environment. “I have a good feeling that China will actively help us. If it is a fruitful trip, I promise to use the aiding loan provided by China to establish hospitals and schools for you. If you have any money left, I will help you construct a power station.” Duterte said that this power station would take use of the waves to thoroughly change the life of local citizens.

According to the report of Reuters, there will be 250 leaders of commerce field from Philippines to visit China along with President Duterte. It is reported that Philippine party hasn’t published the representative list yet, but business organizations and governmental officials have expressed that the accompanying list has been excessively registered. “Senior enterprise managements of Philippines are very eager to contact with their counterparts in China to launch dialogs in railway, tourism, agriculture, power and manufacturing”.