Premier Visiting Macau to Consider its Role in Connecting Sino-Portugal Economy and Trade
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On Oct. 10th, Premier Li Keqiang visited Macau for the first time with mixed feelings. He said that “it has been my long-cherished wish to visit Macau. Six years ago, I once overlooked Macau on the Lotus Bridge in Zhuhai. During this period, Macau has undergone huge changes. And I’ve experienced its atmosphere of vigor along the journey. I believe that Macau SAR government will lead all walks of life in Macau to embrace greater development opportunities in challenges.”

“One Nation Two Systems” Policy has been successfully practiced here.

After meeting Fernando Chui, Chief Governor of Macau, in the hotel where Premier stayed, press photographers took a candid photograph: Premier took a leisurely walk to the window and stopped for a long time, looking into the hot land of Macau. From the overlooking six years ago to the soulful staring today, we could feel the great expectation and favor of Premier on Macau. In spite of covering an area as 31.3 square kilometers with a population as 652,500, Macau SAR was once acting as the starter of civilization communication between oriental and western world and the trade center in the history. Today, the policy of “One Nation Two Systems”, carrying the ancient idea of Chinese as “seeking the common ground while putting aside differences”, has been successfully practiced in Macau. The industrial and intelligent Macau people have maintained the rapid economic growth in 15 consecutive years, led by “One National Two Systems” policy, Macau people administering Macau and high-degree of autonomy. Today, Macau has gradually formed up the sound situation of stable society, prosperous economy and contentment of the public. According to the Premier, Macau is the lotus land of China and the hot land for the successful practice of “One National Two Systems” policy. Therefore, he expected to wander around in Macau for more observation and listening to the public, in order to experience the development and change of Macau personally.

Trade Cooperation Service Platform for China and Portuguese Countries

It has been an important position for Macau SAR to establish the “trade cooperation service platform for China and Portuguese countries”, endowed by the Central Government in the overall development strategy of China. On Oct. 11th, Premier Li Keqiang unveiled the nameplate of project for “trade cooperation service platform for China and Portuguese countries” personally.

The construction of trade cooperation service platform for China and Portuguese countries has started since China-Portuguese-Countries Forum 2003 in Macau, which is linked by Portuguese and commonly participated by China and 7 Portuguese countries including Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal and East Timor, playing a platform role in supporting Macau to deepen the economic relationship between China and Portuguese countries.

During the past 13 years since its establishment, China-Portuguese-Countries Forum has experienced the increasing effect and expanding influence, leading to the fruitful results in the cooperation between China and Portuguese countries in terms of inter-governmental cooperation and cooperation in trade, investment, human resources, agriculture and fishery and development aid. Meanwhile, Macau has fully displayed its unique advantage to link China and Portuguese countries; continued to strengthen the role played by trade cooperation service platform for China and Portuguese countries. During this period, Macau has also continued to upgrade its international influence, winning the high-degree recognition from all walks of life.

China-Portuguese-Countries Trade and Investment Promotion Platform

During the recent years, Macau has displayed its unique platform role in promoting the negotiation of cooperation between enterprises in China and Portuguese countries in trade and economy and prompting the improvement of investment environment between China and Portuguese countries. It is known that Macau has successfully held 11 sessions of China-Portuguese-Countries Economic and Trade Cooperation Fair since 2005, with over 4,300 national officials of economy and trade and representatives of chambers and associations of commerce participating in the fair. So far, the fair has promoted nearly 3,500 commercial pairs. Merely in 2015, Macau has held China-Portuguese-Countries Minister-level Dialog on Infrastructure Construction, China-Portugal Culture Week, Provincial Governor Round Table Meeting, Forum of Young Entrepreneurs and Portuguese-countries Product & Service Expo in succession. At the same time, the large-scale activities held by Macau and Portuguese countries, including Canton Fair, Beijing Fair, CIFIT and Macau Promotion Week, have fully displayed the role of Macau in promoting the cooperation between China and Portuguese countries in economy and trade. After 13 years of development, the trade volume between China and Portuguese countries has reached USD 98.47 billion, increased by 890%.

The Bond Linking Mainland Provinces and Cities and Portuguese Countries for Economic and Trade Cooperation

Since 2011, Macau has successively held Business Summit and project promotion and negotiation meetings with Jiangsu and Beijing for several years, to promote the cooperation between provinces and cities in China and Portuguese countries in the field of economy and trade, culture, tourism and education. Especially in the fourth session of Jiangsu-Macau-Portuguese Countries Business Summit held in 2014, Macau has further established the Council of Business Summit with Jiangsu and Portuguese countries with five affiliated groups including trade and investment, education, agriculture, tourism and fishery, to involve the cooperation among Jiangsu, Macau and Portuguese countries into the institutionalized track. Macau acts as the bond to link mainland cities and provinces and Portuguese countries in trade and economic cooperation, which has not only effectively led and demonstrated other cities and provinces to launch the cooperation with Portuguese countries, but also further strengthened the platform position of Macau.

Premier Li Keqiang has even brought about the “beneficiary gift package for Macau” from the Central Government: to support the SAR government to hold world tourism economic forum annually, build up a batch of exhibition brands with international influence, support Macau to establish RMB settlement centers for Portuguese countries and establish the headquarters of China-Portuguese Cooperation Development Fund and implement the policy of single-plate of vehicles accessing Hengqin area. Premier said that “Mainland China is always the solid backup for Macau!” (By Chen Xiaoyu)