Sanshui Cuisine was presented via national-wide platform
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Minor Cold (xiǎo hán )the 23rd  in the 24  solar terms of Chinese Traditional Calendar, is  also the 5th term in winter season, which marks the official start of winter season.


The cured bundled duck meat is amongst the most popular ingredients people in Sanshui usually have in winter. Let’s take a close look on the well-known Danjia cured bundled duck meat.

Recently, 8000 cured ducks presented by Baini Fuxinglong fishing village were sold in half day at the Second Baini Xijiang Intangible Cultural Heritage Cusine Cultural Festival. Remarkable, the cuisine was also presented via the national-wide media platform, making great impression on the people nationwide.


Baini Town, Sanshui District, Foshan locates  in  the hinterlands of the Pearl River Delta Area. By virtue of the ‘the biggest port in Xijiang’ (Si-Kiang or Xi River), it provides people in Baini Town with a variety of fresh ingredients  which enable people live upon the land to bring out the unique favors with their wisdom.


The ancient Chinese, Qu Dajun once has recorded a lot of unique ways of making cured meat in ‘The New Account Of Cantonese Tales’. Whether it is the way in which the cured meat is made or the combinations of the ingredients, the cured bundled duck meat is fairly unique.


According to the locals who make the cured bundled duck, the meat compositions of the cured bundled duck meat is supposed to come out of the duck chins, duck livers, duck wings, duck intestines and cured pork sausage.  The traditional production of air-dry as a way to bring out and combine different flavors  forms an unique characteristic of the dish.


(Alley & Eleanor)

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