Foshan's first batch of hydrogen-energy buses are put into operation
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On the morning of December 20, with the completion of the first hydrogen refueling station in Chancheng and the operation of 70 hydrogen fuel cell buses, Foshan became the first demonstration city in Guangdong to use hydrogen fuel cell buses on a large scale, coming out top in the hydrogen-energy industry nationwide.

The first hydrogen refueling station in Chancheng is located on Foluo Road, covering an area of about 2,000 square meters, with a total investment of about 12.5 million yuan. Completed and commissioned at the end of November 2018, the first phase of the hydrogen refueling station has the ability to put hydrogenation into production with the daily hydrogenation capacity (in 12 hours) up to 500kg. The second phase will be started in due course according to market development needs, and the daily hydrogenation capacity will increase to 1000kg.
According to the work plan, Foshan will invest 900 million yuan during the 13th Five-Year Plan to support the promotion and application of new energy buses and supporting infrastructure construction. Foshan will build 28 hydrogen refueling stations in 2019, forming a relatively complete distribution network of hydrogen refueling stations and effectively solving the bottleneck problem of insufficient hydrogenation infrastructure.
70 hydrogen fuel cell buses designed and manufactured by Foshan Feichi Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd. were officially put into operation. Those hydrogen fuel cell buses are 8.6 meters long with a beautiful and stylish design. During their operation, only water is emitted, which is free of air pollution. In order to better promote hydrogen fuel cell buses, these 70 buses will be first put into operation on Bus 139, covering the central urban areas, main roads and bustling areas of Chancheng and Nanhai. It is expected that by the Spring Festival next year, Bus 143 and Bus 156  will also embrace hydrogen fuel cell buses. In the next stage, 40 hydrogen fuel cell buses will be put into operation in Sanshui.
Xu Guo, the deputy mayor of Foshan said that Foshan's hydrogen-energy industry chain is becoming increasingly perfect, covering upstream hydrogen-energy infrastructure, midstream hydrogen fuel cell core components and powertrain, and downstream hydrogen-energy vehicle manufacturing. It is currently at the forefront nationwide. Next year, a large number of hydrogen fuel cell buses and logistics vehicles will be put into operation in various districts of Foshan. Foshan will also become the forerunner and leader in the new stage of commercialization and large-scale operation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in China.
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