China’s first oil-hydrogen station was built in Foshan
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On July 1, Sinopec Group announced that China’s first oil and hydrogen station, namely China Sinopec Foshan Zhangkeng oil and hydrogen station officially settles down in Nanhai Xiqiao.


This is the first time in China that the hydrogen station is developed by using the mode of "transforming the existing gas station into an oil-hydrogen station". It is also equipped with charging facilities, making it become the   "trinity" energy supply station integrating oil, hydrogen and electricity in China.


Hydrogen energy is regarded as the most potential clean energy in the 21st century, which has the advantages of high calorific value, high energy density, easy storage, high renewal, zero pollution and so on. At present, America, Japan, Canada, the European Union and other countries and regions are pushing forward the development and application of hydrogen energy technology.  


It is reported that Zhangkeng oil-hydrogen station is located on Huanshan Road, Xiqiao, Nanhai. The daily hydrogen capacity of the station reaches 500kg. It mainly serves the bus lines and logistics transport teams that use hydrogen fuel around the city. Hydrogen-fuel bus injection only takes 4 minutes for one time and it can support 300 kilometers. It has the advantages of high filling efficiency, long mileage, zero pollution, zero carbon emission and so on.  


The station adopts the division management mode of refueling, hydrogenation and charging zone, and it installs the 24-hour and 360-degree monitoring system, sets up the "one-button stop" system to ensure the safety in the operation process.


In addition to serving as an energy supply station, Zhangkeng oil- hydrogen station has also actively built a "new station for car owners”, introducing nearly 600 kinds of commodities such as capsule coffee and fruit, providing 22 service businesses such as simple meals, insurance, tourism customization and so on. In addition to refueling, hydrogenation and charging, it has made great efforts to promote the transformation to a modern integrated service provider, meeting more service needs of car owners.


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