2nd Session West PRD Fair Held in Foshan
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 Yesterday morning, the 2nd Session West PRD Investment Fair on Advanced Equipment Manufacturing was held in Foshan. Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Hu Chunhua was present at the opening ceremony and observed the exhibition hall. Provincial Governor Zhu Xiaodan and Vice Director of MIIT Huai Jinpeng gave speeches in the opening ceremony.

Entrusted by Secretary Hu Chunhua, Zhu Xiaodan, on behalf of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Government expressed the greetings to the leaders and guests present at the fair; and expressed this gratitude to MIIT, CAE and overseas all walks of life that had supported and concerned the reform and development of Guangdong for the long time. Zhu Xiaodan indicated that along with the in-depth implementation of “Made-in-China 2025”, the construction of west PRD advanced equipment manufacturing industrial belt had embraced the new opportunity of leap-forward historical development. MIIT had officially approved “six cities and one district” of west PRD to launch the trial construction of demonstration urban agglomeration of “Made-in-China 2025” and further highlighted its regional development advantage. 2nd Session West PRD Investment Fair on Advanced Equipment Manufacturing held in Foshan, a city specialized in manufacturing industry, had collectively displayed the development results of west PRD advance equipment manufacturing and an exchange occasion to integrate investment conclusion, trade promotion and technology cooperation. Guangdong would take this opportunity to implement Made-in-China 2025 deeply; transform the economic development mode oriented to manufacturing and adjust and optimize the main battle field of industrial structure; follow the principles of governmental guidance, market orientation, innovation motivation, differential development and flagship motivation; focus on optimizing the industrial layout, promoting the construction of key projects, upgrading the capability of independent innovation; try its best to build west PRD into the equipment manufacturing base and manufacturing innovation center with international influence and competitiveness. Guangdong would further upgrade its efficiency of processing, enhance the service level, create the sound environment, and try its best to provide a wider space and create the better conditions for the development of manufacturing enterprises of China and abroad in Guangdong.

Huai Jinpeng, on behalf of MIIT, expressed the congratulations to the smooth convention of the 2nd session fair. He indicated that the equipment manufacturing was the pillar industry of national economy, the important tool and basis to rejuvenate and strengthen the country and the main battle field to construct China into a country specialized in manufacturing. West PRD economic zone was the important component of China’s costal economic zone and the important basis of PRD advance manufacturing and the high-speed clustering zone of equipment manufacturing industry in Guangdong, enjoying an important role in the allocation of regional economic development nationwide. He expected that Guangdong Province, especially the six cities and one district of west PRD, should make good use of this opportunity of trial demonstration with bold exploration and innovation, to explore the pathway and mode of manufacturing transformation and upgrading and implement the innovation experience of “Made-in-China 2025”. MIIT would carefully implement the decisions and allocations of Central Government and the State Council; further strengthen the cooperation between province and ministries; try its best to support west PRD to construct itself into the trial demonstration city of advanced manufacturing industry.

This session of fair was sponsored by Guangdong Provincial Commission of Economy and Informationization and Foshan Municipal Government and undertaken by the governments of Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Yangjiang, Zhaoqing and Shaoguan. The fair covered an area as 50,000 square meters and attracted 278 enterprises for participation. According to the preliminary statistics, 220 projects were concluded in total, with the planned investment as RMB 230.77 billion. Hu Chunhua, Zhu Xiaodan and other leaders commonly witnessed the contract signing of 31 key projects of advanced equipment manufacturing including Utrust West PRD Fund and various cooperative sub-funds, China Hybrid Power and Drive Line System Technology platforms in Foshan, CREC Huasui Shield Machine Production Base in Shunde and Gree Electronics new energy automobiles in Zhuhai.

Secretary of Foshan Municipal Party Committee Lu Yi gave a speech in the opening ceremony. This fair acted as both the grand stage to display the cutting-edge products in the world, but also an idea feast collecting the shining top experts’ intelligences and display Foshan as the wealth-creation highland for multi-lateral cooperation and all win, with great importance to promoting the development of equipment manufacturing industry in west PRD. Foshan, as the big city of manufacturing industry, would strengthen the close coordination with its brother cities; make great efforts to implement the innovation-driven development strategies; follow the requirements of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Government with the dare to shoulder duty responsibilities and play the leading role, to make its own active efforts to maintain the medium and high-speed economic growth and transform the industry into a high level in the entire province.

Vice President of CAE Xu Delong and Standing Committee Member and Secretary General of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Zou Ming were present at the related activities. Vice Governor Yuan Baocheng hosted the opening ceremony. Vice Director of Equipment Manufacturing Industry Department of MIIT Sun Feng read off the MIIT Reply to Six Cities and One District in West PRD (Zhuhai, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Yangjiang, Zhaoqing and Shunde) to Construct Trial Demonstration Urban Agglomeration of Made-in-China 2025. Mayor Zhu Wei and several other leaders of Foshan Municipal Government also participated in the related activities of the opening ceremony.

At the meeting, Standing Committee Member of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor Xu Shaohua notified the general construction and promotion of advance equipment manufacturing industry in west PRD; Zhuhai, Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Yangjiang, Zhaoqing and Shaoguan reported their own situation respectively.

Secretary of Foshan Municipal Party Committee Lu Yi expressed that Foshan would treat this session of fair as the starting point, guided by the principle of “building itself into a national manufacturing innovation center”, strengthen the investment attraction; promote the innovation and development of equipment manufacturing; accelerate the trillion-level advanced equipment manufacturing base; strengthen the coordinated development of six cities of west PRD; play its “two supporting roles” for Guangdong and make its due contributions to the country.

It is known that west PRD advanced equipment manufacturing belt, after two years of efforts, has taken on a sound development momentum. Since 2014, it has introduced 378 100-million-level projects, with the total investment as RMB 374.6 billion. In 2015 and the first 8 months this year, the investments in west PRD equipment manufacturing have increased by 56.8% and 44.5% respectively, with the growth value increased by 14.2% and 14%, playing the increasingly supporting role to economic development. By the end of 2015, there were 4,006 enterprises of equipment manufacturing industry in total.

Leaders of Guangdong Province Ma Xingrui, Ren Xuefeng, Zou Ming and Yuan Baocheng and municipal leaders Zhu Wei, Ou Bangmin, Huang Zhihao and Huang Xizhong participated in the meeting.