Lu Yi Led a Team to Investigate in Gaoming and Sanshui
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 “‘Senior 3 class’ indicates sprinting, fighting and striving,” said Secretary of Foshan Municipal Party Committee Lu Yi, who took this weekend to lead a team for the investigation in Sanshui District and Gaoming District during the past two days, in order to encourage the new session of Party and government's leaders in both districts; encourage both districts to be at the sprinting status just as senior 3 class for the cooperation and competition among the five districts through scientific planning and difficulty conquering, to make greater contributions to the development of the entire Foshan.

Standing Committee Member of Foshan Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor Cai Jiahua participated in the investigation.

Expectations on Gaoming District:

Three Transformations to Motivate the Rapid Industrial Development

Baichuan Chemical Industrial, Dynanonic, Yifeng Electronics, Esquel Group, Xiuli River Rectification Project, Foshan CRRC……On Sep. 24th, Lu Yi led the team to take a field trip to multiple representative enterprises and major projects in Gaoming District. Lu Yi went down to the workshop and exhibition hall of each enterprise for detailed understanding of its production and operation scale and the development plan for the new few years; and encouraged enterprises to expand and strengthen themselves rapidly via capital increment and M&A to build themselves into large-scale enterprises and groups valued over RMB 5 billion or even 10 billion.

At the meeting, Secretary of Gaoming District Party Committee Xu Dongtao and Acting Governor Liang Yaobin reported the promotion of key projects of the district, economic and social development and the work idea of next phase respectively. Persons in charge of Foshan Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, Economic and Information Bureau and Financial Bureau communicated with this district leading group about issues on economic and social development.

Since the beginning of this year, Gaoming District has formed up the development consensus via preparation and planning; consolidated the development confidence; stimulated the vigor of cadre teams for innovation and entrepreneurship. At the next stage, Gaoming District will embark on the development road of guidance, differentiation and beneficial orientation; try to build itself into the “advanced manufacturing highland in western PRD and new city of beautiful landscape in south of the Five Ridges”.

“Foshan Municipal Government and Party Committee have placed high hopes on Gaoming District and its Party and government's leaders”. Lu Yi fully confirmed the “solid planning idea” and “strong development delayed effect” achieved by Gaoming District; and expected the leaders of Gaoming District to further consolidate their confidences of development, build up the awareness of problem solving, be at the “sprinting” status just as that of “senior 3 class of middle school” in the competition and cooperation with Sanshui District; launch scientific planning and fighting, to make greater contributions to realizing the strategic target of Foshan as building it into the national innovation center of manufacturing.

Lu Yi required that Gaoming District should strengthen its willpower of strategy; accelerate and promote the differentiation development; adhere to the innovation motivation; make great efforts to promote the upgrading of traditional industry, high-end orientation of strategic emerging industry and scale production of hi-tech enterprises. Gaoming District should set the phrasal target as cultivating 5-billion enterprises and 10-billion enterprises for long-standing planning; implement the three-year cultivation plan; try its best to establish 10 5-billion enterprises by 2018. Gaoming District should take the opportunities with scientific planning; connect with the planning and construction of Foshan or even PRD urban agglomeration, to break through the bottleneck of traffic infrastructure. It should highlight its main course of Party construction; give full play to the core leading role of the Party; motivate the initiative of the cadre team, to lay a solid foundation for the social and economic development. He expected that the Party and government leaders of Gaoming District could, on the basis of current planning, be steadfast to make great efforts to each concrete affair, turning Gaoming District into the new economic growth point of Foshan and making new well-being for Gaoming citizens.

Cai Jiahua expressed that Gaoming District should strengthen the policy implementation; make sure to complete various economic targets and mission of this year. He stated that Gaoming District was featured by its ecological environmental advantage; therefore, during the process of economic development, it should maintain its blue sky and white cloud, as well as green water and mountain. Instead of blooming everywhere, it should pursue the policy of “fewer but better and stronger”; be committed to developing the advanced equipment manufacturing industry and hi-tech technology industry, to embark on a road suitable for Gaoming’s development.

Expectations on Sanshui:

Industrial Layout and Planning based on City Features

On Sep. 25th, Lu Yi led the team to visit Sanshui District and investigate the famous drinking enterprise in this district, the newly-built production base of Jianlibao Group. Jianlibao has been working on its transformation. Since its returning back to the club of 100-million-tax enterprises in Sanshui District in 2013, it is expected to break through the RMB 3 billion of sales volume this year. Lu Yi stated that Jianlibao was an influential brand in the history of Foshan; and expected that Jianlibao Group could continue to expand its brand with increased sales volume, thus ranking among the 10-billion-level flagship enterprises as early as possible.

The investigation team then held a meeting with the Party and government leaders of Sanshui District. Secretary of Sanshui District Party Committee Huang Fuhong and Governor Chen Yingwen introduced in succession the major work recently and prospective working ideas. Persons in charge of departments directly under the authority of Municipal Government proposed pertinent opinions and suggestions on how to promote the economic and social development of Sanshui District.

Since the beginning of this year, Sanshui District has stressed on the change of office term, Party construction, people’s livelihood and development; made great efforts to promote the investment attraction and construction of key projects; and realized the orderly economic and social development. In the next five years, Sanshui District will, on the basis of the transformation of new and old motivators and ecological environmental advantage, focus on building itself into the “city of innovation and intelligence of Guangzhou and Foshan and landscape of water melody in the south of the Five Ridges”.

Lu Yi fully confirmed the various achievements made by Sanshui District recently; and believed that the Party and government leaders of Sanshui District had shared the common minds with clear working idea and achieved new effects.

“The features of Sanshui District as mountain in the city, water in the city and green in the city have been completely demonstrated,” Lu Yi stressed that Sanshui should further display its advantage of gifted resources; layout and plan its industry development on the basis of “mountain in the city, water in the city and green in the city”; establish its own brands; and expand and strengthen its urban features.

Lu Yi expressed that development should be always the priority; Sanshui should, under the guidance of five development ideas as innovation, coordination, green, openness and share, not only pursue the quantity of development, but also the quality; try to upgrade the quality and efficiency of development. According to him, Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Government had required Foshan to display the supporting role for Guangdong Province to realize its “double medium-and-high targets” as maintaining its medium-and-high-speed economic growth and the transformation of economic structure into the middle-and-high-end orientation; therefore, Sanshui District should lay a sound development foundation; try its best to become the new growth point of Foshan; and make more contributions to realizing the target of “double medium-and-high targets”. Sanshui District should promote the urban and rural integration in development; guarantee the production and living of low-income group; and concretely enhance the well-being of Sanshui’s citizens. Sanshui District should strengthen the guidance of Party construction; highlight the awareness of major works as Party construction; focus on the construction of cadre teams; in particular, the Party and government leaders should play the leading role, maintain the optimistic attitude, be steadfast and make more actual achievements.