Foshan will Build Itself into the Demonstration City of Good Quality in 2020
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 Foshan Municipal Government has recently released the Plan of Implementing the Strategic Decisions of Guangdong Province on Building Itself into a Province of Good Quality (hereinafter referred to as “Plan”), which has generally arranged the layout for Foshan to embark on the road of developing itself into a city of good quality from the aspects of general requirements, major targets, principal tasks and guarantee measures.

The Plan has proposed that Foshan will realize the growth value of advanced manufacturing industry accounting for over 40% of industrial growth value above the designated scale by 2020, and the hi-tech production value accounting for over 46% of the gross industrial output value; the number of invention patent ownership per 10,000 citizens will be over 20. Meanwhile, Foshan will feature the prominently enhanced competitiveness of export product quality in the world; master a batch of emerging core and strategic technologies; construct itself into a national center of manufacturing innovation, national demonstration city of good quality and the first-tier city of manufacturing in China.

According to the Plan, Foshan should expand the industrial service industry to the professional and high-end value chain; transform the daily life service industry to the refinement and good quality; transform the manufacturing industry from production orientation to production service orientation. Besides the project quality meeting the national regulations or requirements, the air quality of Foshan will be further improved, with the days of good air quality accounting for over 90%, the park green land area per capita above 15 square meters and forest coverage rate in urban area above 36.12%.

In order to realize the targets mentioned above, the Plan has proposed five key missions including launching quality upgrading projects; implementing subject quality responsibilities of enterprises, implementing the brand-driven strategies; strengthening the infrastructure construction of quality technologies; and improving the quality supervision system.

The Plan has required that Foshan should firmly take the opportunity of launching the trail reform on the transformation and upgrading of national manufacturing; integrate quality construction and innovation-driven development, supply-side structural reform and Foshan Action Plan of Made-in-China 2025 organically; accelerate the construction of modern industrial system and upgrade product quality and level constantly.

In addition, Foshan should make great efforts to develop the intelligent manufacturing; implement the “Project of Upgrading Intelligent Manufacturing of 100 Enterprises”; cultivate a batch of trial demonstration enterprises of Made-in-China 2025; upgrade product quality and market competitiveness via customization and flexible production. Foshan should comprehensively implement the “internet +” action plan; develop the cloud manufacturing, crowd-contracting design and other new-style manufacturing mode based on industrial internet; solidly launch the new round of technology renovation; support enterprises to strengthen their quality management through technological, technical, equipment and management transformation; focus on promoting the development of production-oriented service industry including finance, exhibition, e-commerce, industrial design and modern logistics; accelerate the construction of 14 provincial-level modern service clustering areas and 145 major service industry projects; pay great attention to comprehensive environmental governance; strengthen the resource governance of air pollution including industrial waste gas, dust, emission of vehicles and cooking fumes of catering industry; and implement the governance policy of “one strategy for one inner-river”