Huang Xianyao Confirmed the Good Foundation of Grass-root Honest Party Administration in Foshan
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 On the morning of Sep. 20th and 21st, Standing Committee Member of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Discipline Committee Huang Xianyao investigated on the honest Party administration construction in Foshan. He fully confirmed the “good foundation, high starting point and more highlights” of the construction in Foshan, and expected that Foshan should continue to explore and practice; treat both manifestation and root cause of construction, in order to create the sound political ecology for the stable and robust economic and social development.

Huang Xianyao visited Chancheng District, Shunde District, Nanhai District and parts of towns and rural residents to understand the trial honest administration zones and honest administration big data platforms, treating the root causes by cases and PPP projects (Guangdong Tanzhou International Convention Center) honest government risk simultaneous prevention personally. Vice Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Discipline Committee and Director of Guangdong Provincial Supervision Bureau and Director of Guangdong Provincial Anti-corruption Bureau Wang Yanshi and leaders of Foshan Municipal Government including Lu Yi, Zhu Wei, Huang Li, Ou Bangmin and Huang Zhihao accompanied the investigation.

“What affair will you process today?” “Pay for the traffic violation.” “Is it convenient for you?” “Yes, I come here after receiving an alerting SMS. You could put in your own vehicle information and use your card to pay for the violation.” In the first station of investigation, Chancheng District Administration Service Center, Huang Xianyao communicated with several citizens processing affairs to get to know the citizens’ experience of “one-door” service.

The team visited Zinan Village in Nanzhuang Town to experience the honest culture, including the village regulations, folk laws and family traditions. Zinan Village was once a famous village of people with the complaints and opinions to the government. After the Secretary of Village Party Committee Pan Zhusheng taking the office with chaos and governance, he has eliminated the backward capabilities, improved the appearance of the village, regulated the “micro power” via village regulations and folk laws; advocated the “10 prohibits of honest administration and self-discipline” to carry forward the honest culture. Huang Xianyao asked Pan Zhusheng about the management of “three capitals” and the construction of honest culture; and visited local residents with small talks.

During the past two years, Shunde District Party Committee has paid great attention to “treating the essential causes by cases”; strengthening the prevention and control of honest administration risk; especially promoting the reform on drug supply chain and purchasing linkage of medical consumables. Shunde District First People’s Hospital on trial, between 2013 and 2015, had saved RMB 11.7477 million in purchasing medial equipments, with decreased medical complaints and disputes year by year. In investigating Shunde District in launching the campaign of “treating the fundamental causes by cases” in the medical and hygiene system, Huang Xianyao carefully asked for the details about risk points of honest administration and how to cut down the interest connection.

In Shishan Town in Nanhai District, Huang Xianyao also studied the reform on discipline supervision and inspection system of Guangdong-Guangxi-Guizhou HSR Economic Belt Cooperation Experiment Zone (Guangdong Park) and the difficulties and effects of the mistake-tolerance list-style duty-performance management. In the Working Office of Discipline Committee of Shishan Town, he also checked the clue screening materials of grass-root rural Party member cadres of violation of disciplines as well as the petition standing book.

During the investigation, Huang Xianyao was concerned with the working environment and daily operation of grass-root discipline committee and the faculty construction of discipline inspection and supervision. During this period, he also visited the psychological adjustment room set up by Foshan Municipal Discipline Committee.

When mentioning his impression of Foshan during this investigation, Huang Xianyao criticized that “treating manifestations and fundamental causes, expansion and innovation, diversity and prosperity and many of highlights”. He highly praised Foshan for its simultaneous prevention and control of honest administration risk in key projects, creating the “close” and “honest” relationship between businessmen and political officers; implementing “three divisions”; its exploration in honest administration trial zone; putting the “four patterns” of supervision and discipline enforcement into practice; and the implementation of stationary points, inspection by regions, “three-in-one” reform on joint discipline inspection, making Foshan top the province.

Huang Xianyao stressed that Foshan should actively adopt the change of anti-corruption tendency and mission development; research on new situations constantly to solve new problems.