China Food and Drug Administration Led a Media Group to Interview Foshan
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 “After visiting Foshan, I’ve been deeply relieved by its food safety in general,” Director of News Promotion Department of China Food and Drug Administration Yan Jiangying told journalists of Xinhua, CNRnet, CEInet and other central media coming to Foshan the day before yesterday, after launching the grass-root interview activities.

In the afternoon on Oct. 4th, the interview group, accompanied by Director of Foshan Municipal Food and Drug Administration Luo Yulin, visited Xijiao Centralized Food Processing Center, where 25 small food workshops and 3 certified food production enterprises had settled, equipped with food test room with accurate devices such as HPLC valued over RMB 700,000, the computerized supervision room with over 250 camera guns, and the centralized “three-waste” processing room with the input over RMB 2 million. The center consisted of the test room, computerized supervision room, roast meat production workshop and pollutant processing room.

“From the small, dispersive and mess situation in the past to the current centralization, from the lack of sound supervision and management measures to the current installation of means, methods, systems and measures, it has demonstrated a series of creative methods that Foshan Government has applied in supervising the food safety issues,” said journalist with CN Pharm Fu Zi’ang that the centralized production mode of small workshops in Foshan could provide the sound model and demonstration for the centralized supervision and production of national small-scale production enterprises.

On the same night, Vice Mayor Wang Ling received the interview from the group and introduced the general work of food safety in Foshan elaborately; meanwhile, she answered questions from the interview group about the achievement of Foshan in creating itself into a food safety city and the centralized production mode of workshops.

“Since the exploration on small workshop processing, there are still some conflicts with regulations and laws; in the future, Foshan shall complete the legal connection during the process of implementation,” said Wang Ling to the interview group, that Foshan would guarantee the development of small workshops via local litigation.

At 22:30 on the same day, the interview group visited the entire process of integrated distribution, including getting to learn the entire process of a pig from quarantine inspection to a slaughter house and taking a field trip to observe the mechanized production and scientific quarantine inspection of a slaughter house, and visiting a wholesale market by taking a distribution car until being launched on meat booth.

“I’ve never visited a slaughter house personally, it is so shocking. In the past, I just visited the grocery around without knowing the sources. Today, after the personal experience, I’ve finally understood how the protection chain of food safety line is formed,” said Shen Kun, a journalist with CNRnet, who was deeply impressed by this visit.

After the entire journey, Yan Jiangying accepted an interview and said that she had experienced the great attention paid by Foshan Municipal Party Committee and Government on food safety, after this grass-root visit; and witnessed the great efforts made by grass-root supervisors and the important role played by enterprises in implementing the main body responsibilities; and frankly stated that “I’ve built up the trust on the food safety of Foshan.”