National Exchange Meeting on “Internet + Governmental Affairs Reform” Held in Chancheng
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 It has been 2 years since Chancheng’s implementation of “one door” reform on governmental affairs. Last Friday, National Exchange Meeting on In-depth Promotion of “Internet + Governmental Reform” was held in Chancheng. The present experts and representatives fully confirmed the courage of exploration and reform achievements of Chancheng; and expressed that “digitalization of governmental affairs” was the development trend in the future. They suggested that Chancheng further explore the commercial operation of big data, to bring the value-added service to urban economic development.

Implementation of “governmental affairs digitalization” requires strong determination

At the exchange meeting, peers of national trial cities of information benefiting the public along with several experts highly praised the exploration of Chancheng in the “reform on Internet + governmental affairs”. Deputy Director of China Society of Administrative Reform and Professor of Chinese Academy of Governance Wang Yukai believed that Chancheng, without changing the pattern of traditional administrative system, had changed the traditional service mode of governmental affairs, optimized the processing procedure for the convenience of the public through the computerized technologies, worth of study and reference by other cities.

Under the current situation that the traditional development mode came to the end, the pressure of economic downturn increased along with the prominent issues of people’s livelihood, Wang Yukai believed that governmental affairs computerization, centered by e-commerce, was an instrumental reform to upgrade the governance capability of the government. “Internet + governmental affairs service and big data strategy will lead to a new governmental reform, upgrade the government’s capability of social governance, provide accurate service, and let the citizens and enterprises enjoy the results of governmental affairs.”

The ideas of Wang Yukai happen to be same with the work done by Chancheng District. Currently, it is implementing the big data strategy; has established “one bureau with one center and one company”; constructed the development pattern of big data; expected to achieve the management of digital cities via the common construction, share and utilization of big data.

In terms of the application of big data of governmental affairs, Chancheng is currently making great efforts to promote the “one-graph” work of applying the digitalized governmental affairs, to overlay the data of urban management, three proofings and security supervision in the form of layer; upgrading the resource sharing among various urban management resources of various departments, through realizing the networking between “people, events and matters” and social comprehensive cloud platform, in order to effectively support the accurate decisions of the government and provide the accurate painting for the government’s urban governance based on big data.

Executive Vice Director of National Information Center Du Ping believed that “digitalization of governmental affairs” was the development trend during the 13th Five-year Plan; local government shall be determined to break through the interest pattern; form up the uniform planning and ideology. “This will be a tough job. However, Chancheng has made it and done a good job. Its experience and practice is worthy of study and promotion.

“Block Chain” Technology could Realize Actualization of Virtual World

Du Ping also proposed that government, during the process of reforming “internet + government affairs service”, shall be dare to release its data to share it with the public, so that the data could be shared by a batch of suppliers, institutions and enterprises and scientific researchers, bringing about a great number of commercial values to the government.

The openness and application of data will involve the issue of information security. Chancheng currently has found the method to avoid risks, which is block chain technology. At present, Chancheng is cooperating with related technology companies to construct the new-generation open operation platform of “block big data”, so that each piece of information could find its owner, everyone could master his/her own information ownership, eliminate the public concern of privacy leakage, and realize the balance between development and security.

Secretary of Chancheng District Party Committee Liu Donghao disclosed that Chancheng in the future would explore the “one-door” internet ID card identification system, after the block chain technology getting mature, in order to actualize the virtual IDs. Then, citizens even would not take their ID cards or even credit codes to process government affairs.

He also disclosed that Chancheng in the future would apply the block chain technology in “internet + food safety”, industrial transformation and upgrading and other aspects, to use the “block chain” technology to solve the social credit issues and build up the modern, legal and international environment of business operation for urban governance.