Charity Law Began to take effect on Sep. 1st
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 “It has been a decade since the formulation of this law until its promulgation, known as ‘decade of promulgation of a law’.” Yesterday, on the information session of Charity Law, Chief of First Division of Internal Affairs Office of Internal and Judicial Affairs Committee Zhu Hengshun expressed that Charity Law, to take effect officially on Sep. 1st, would effectively regulate charity activities and protect the legitimate rights and interests of participators in charity activities.

The report of studying and promoting Charity Law, jointly sponsored by Publicity Department of Foshan Municipal Party Committee, Working Committee of Foshan Municipal Government Office and Foshan Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, and undertaken by Foshan Municipal Charity Society, was held in the Auditorium of Foshan Municipal Government yesterday morning. About 300 persons in charge of various units directly under the Municipal Government, various charity societies and social organizations participated in the report meeting.

“How are the management funds and expenditure of social organizations regulated?” Confronting with one of the most concerning questions by social organizations, Zhu Hengshun said that the annual charity activity expenditure of foundations, social societies and social service institutions among charity organizations eligible for public donation shall be no less than 70% of the total income of the previous year; while the annual management expenditure of foundations shall be no more than 10% of the total expenditure of the current year; annual management expenditure of social societies and service institutions shall be no more than 13% of the total expenditure of the current year.

When mentioning about online donation, Zhu Hengshun expressed that charity organizations, when launching public donation, shall release the donation information on charity information platforms that had been agreed on or designated by the civil affairs department of the State Council. “Currently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has confirmed and released the list of 13 online donation information platforms.” He expressed that social organizations and citizens shall be careful in selecting online donation platforms for public donation.