Disabled Children in Chancheng District Will Enjoy a 15-Year Free Education
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 Foshan Implementation Plan of 15-Year Free Education for Disabled Children in Chancheng District (Revised in 2015) has publically solicited the public opinions. Disabled children in Chancheng District will enjoy the 15-year free education and financial support, including the pre-school education allowance as RMB 8,900 per year and RMB 4,400 for each year in regular high school.

According to the Plan, the allowance for disabled children during the pre-school and high school phases will be appropriated once a semester year in late March and late October. Here, the appropriation standard of pre-school stage in each semester is RMB 4,450 for each child; and the allowance will be completely used to offset the conservation education fee. Any insufficient section after the offset should be shouldered by children’s parents. After the implementation of free pre-school education, disabled children will no longer enjoy the allowance for children’s conservation education fee repeatedly; disabled children at the pre-school stage raised in families with financial difficulties will enjoy the free education and financial aid together.

On the other hand, the allowance for free education in high school education should be completely used in school running expenditure. Here, the standard for each semester in any regular high school is RMB 2,200 per capita and RMB 2,000 per capita in any secondary vocational school. Disabled students, who have qualified for the free education and attended any high school, will be exempt from any tuitions and fees in the enrollment. The insufficient section of tuitions and fees for disabled students after the offset of allowance of free education, who have been enrolled in any private-run high schools, should be undertaken by their parents. Any rest of allowance should be used by the schools as public expenditure.

Disabled students in the high school phase, raised in families with financial difficulties, will enjoy the free education and national subsidies. The free education policy of compulsory education for disabled students should be subject to the existing free policies of compulsory education.

The Plan has suggested that disabled children and students attending any kindergartens, regular high schools and secondary vocational schools outside Guangdong Province and approved by the administration department of education, should also enjoy the allowance and subject to the same free projects and standards as their counterparts inside the city. The parents (or guardians) of disabled children should submit the applications to the kindergartens and schools where their children have been enrolled in.