More than 40 brand enterprises enter Shishan focusing on high-end services

    Li Jing, reporter with Foshan Daily, and Ding Yun, correspondent with Foshan Daily, reported that Faw-volkswagen will soon put into production and it will be another great supporting "force" in the high-end industries in Foshan high-tech zone. The reporter learned from the interview yesterday that more than 40 brand enterprises signed to settle in Hexin Square, the center of Shishan, focusing on high-end services covering basic necessities of life .

    Hexin Square, with 17 storeys , covers an area of 89,000 square meters. There are supermarkets, department stores, well-known shops and multi-functional commerce, catering in it, and it is by far the largest complex in Shishan. At present, the investment rate has completed 86%, including Adidas, Pizza Hut, and Watson, to name just a few.

    “The high-end shopping complex is in shortage while more mid-ranged stores are seen in Shishan" , said Chairman Xu Jiwu, Hexin Square Business Management co., LTD. “Thanks to the star enterprises in Foshan high-tech zone, there will be a consumer population of nearly a hundred thousand residents in Shishan in the future”.

According to the current progress, Hexin Square can be formally put into use before Christmas of the year. There will be a supporting large-scale shopping complex to the high-end industry, and the local people in Shishan will also enjoy the convenience of them .