Foshan Experience of Online Service Hall will Be Popularized in Guangdong Province

Pear River Times News “We are going to popularize the experience of Foshan in the whole province,”said Zhou Chuanshi, deputy director of Information Center of Guangdong Province.He made the previous remarks in the online service hall construction conference held in Foshan September 3rd. He also added some experience of Foshan online service hall is worth popularizing, such as simplifying materials, optimizing processes and so on.

As for next step of work to come, Liu Yunlun, mayor of Foshan, said the departments of every district can establish online preferential policies and encourage the applicants to adopt electronic material online.


Foshan experience is to be popularized in Guangdong province


“How to submit approval material? ”; “How to identify the authenticity of matreials?”; “By what authority approval?”and “How many days does it take?”……. Shortly after the meeting started, Liu Yuelun pointed out that this was an on-site meeting so it was important to show how on the spot. When five districts were giving work reports in turn, he would let them demonstrate according to his requests. “I’m very concerned about if the online work can be more convenient, more efficient,” said the Mayor


It is reported that at present, there are 5349 service items of 157 departments and 100% items of administrative licensing implementation and non approval in Foshan online business hall. After listening to the reports from the five districts, Zhou Chuanshi, deputy director of the provincial Information Center,pointed out: “The overall feeling is very good. We have got a lot of experiences from Fashan. The online hall has its own characteristics in simplifying materials and optimizing processes so we are going to popularize the experiences of Fashan in Guangdong province.”  


Social items should be included in the online hall

“Although Foshan online service hall has made some preliminary progress in its construction,”Liu Yuelun also indicated the shortages:“The depth of online business is not enough and the ratio of the third level service is relatively low.”

It is also reported, at present, among the online service items of the departments which are directly subordinate to city and district governments, 99.68 % of them achieve the first level of service depth, 95.58% are the second level of service depth(that is not more than twice to the scene / on the spot), and the depth of the third level accounted for 27.28% (not more than once to the scene / on the spot) Liu Yuelun expresses that next step to be taken is to try hard to card the service and standardize the procedures in order to improve the depth of online service,


Liu Yuelun suggested that social service items should be included in the online hall.“Now there are only the administrative service, but at the end of this year, 60% social service items will be handled on the internet.”Liu Yuelun stressed that before the middle of October, all the departments concerned must finish the carding work of the social service items. He also suggested every department and district should work out the preferential policies for the online service to encourage the applicants to use the electronic materials online.

Highlights :

Chancheng District will install “the Window of the Citizens”service terminals.

After the first self-service terminal, “the Window of the Citizens”settled down in the Street Administrative Service Center of Shiwan, in Chancheng district on August 15 ,Foshan Software Industrial Park in Shiwan Street also installed its self-service terminal on August 30.

According to the introduction, as long as the citizen brushes his ID card at“the Window of the Citizens”, the self-help service terminal , he can make an appointment, bid, query and deal with all kinds of government services,and handle 5 major categories of services such as the administrative examination and approval, business booking, payment services, ticket printing, government affair advisory with self-help. Currently, individuals and enterprises can handle 1048 items through the self-service terminal.


The relevant leader of Chancheng expressed 152 service terminals will be installed in the district to strengthen the service foundation of 15 minute administrative service ring in Cancheng district.Liu Yuelun is very interested in “the Window of the Citizens”. “We are going to observe it if it is mature enough to promote.”said Liu


Nanhai District

More than 500 service items can be handled by mobile phone

The mobile phone online service initiated in Guangdong Province and developed in Nanhai district was on line on August 15.This terminal can be docked with the online service halls of cities and province. The citizens can use it when they download it from Nanhai One Click (Yidiangtong) website, Nahai administrative service center website and Apple AppStore.

“There are more than 500 service items in the mobile phone service terminal,”said the relevant personnel in charge in Naihai district . At present,there are three major functional modules in online mobile phone service terminal ----- “ the user center”,“I want to handle affairs”and “ the convenient service.” Among them, the user center is a collecting center of the user’s personal service information, which includes six modules, such as “user information”, “work schedule”, “my reservation” and so on, and it mainly shows the users’ basic information and state of affairs. Citizens can do administrative approval application, collect and submit the related data and electronic certifications by mobile phones. In addition, citizens can also inquire and locate the service websites and even be guided to the related office directly through the module.

After the introduction of Nanhai District, Liu Yuelun repeatedly said that was a good thing. “It is very convenient and is an innovation of Nanhai district. The experience should be well summed up.”added Liu.