Speech at Opening Ceremony of the 6th Foshan (International) Logistic Cooperation Symposium 2009


Speech at Opening Ceremony of the 6th Foshan (International) Logistic Cooperation Symposium 2009

By Mayor of Foshan, Chen Yunxian


Honourable leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen

In the June of south China, enjoying the gentle breezes and rains, Foshan City is radiating its blazing passion. Today the6th Foshan (International) Logistics Symposium 2009 opens here. Hereby, On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the Foshan Municipal Government, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to all the leaders and guests, and my heartfelt gratitude to all investors and people from all walks of life for their supports to Foshans economic and social development.

Ever since the year of 2004, Foshan has held continually five sessions of Foshan (International) Logistics Symposium which serves as a platform for international cooperation and communication of regional economic development,a bridge to connect all friends to map out a industry development plan, and draw up the grand prospect of economical development. This Symposium will expand the scope of the entire modern service industry and play a positive role in dealing with the financial crisis and keeping the stable and quick economical development. Now with us are leaders form National Development & Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce and related Departments of Guangdong Province,officials from consulates of foreign countries in Guangzhou, representatives and specialists of related industrial association, investment institution, intermediate organization and domestic and foreign top universities and scientific research institutes as well as the managerial personnels from the world Top 500 Enterprises, famous multinational corporations, leading enterprises of domestic and foreign service industry and small and medium-size enterprises. Again, I would like to welcome you all!

This year's symposium is held under the context of the spread and worsening of financial crisis but as an important measure to promote the implement of National Improvement Plan for Logistic Industry and the Outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of Pearl River Delta as well as to carry out CEPA. The theme of this year's symposium is "Forerunners Try First in Scientific Development", which means to grasp the series of beneficial opportunities, practice and attempt fearlessly and underline the coordinated development among regions especially the improvement of cooperation in service industry in order to promote scientific development. Through the symposium, we could establish the platform for the communication of domestic and foreign modern service enterprises, promote the development of domestic and foreign cooperation and investment for modern service industry and also improve the quality and level of service industry of our province. This symposium includes docking workshop of service industry projects, proseminar of modern service industry's development for mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Publicity meeting of national standard for logistic industry and Prize-giving ceremony for A level enterprises.

Here, I would like to make a brief introduction of the service industry development of Foshan to you:

I. Profound commercial and cultural history for the development of service industry

Foshan is located in the mid-south of Guangdong Province, the heart of the Pearl River Delta. With an area of 3848.48 km2 and a population of 5.29 million, it has jurisdiction over five districts, namely Chancheng, Nanhai, Shunde, Gaoming and Sanshui. Foshan's history started at Jin dynasty and won its own fame at Tang dynasty. Foshan is a well-known state-listed historical cultural cities with profound cultural foundation. By the Tang and Song dynasties, Foshan’s handicraft industry, commerce and culture flourished; by the Ming and Qing dynasties, Foshan had become one of the Four Famous Towns and the Four Distribution Centers, where businessmen gathered. In late Qing dynasty Foshan were at the forefront of the fashion and became one of the cradlelands of Chinese neoteric national industry. Long history gestated the traditional Lingnan Culture with special charm. The rich historical content and profound cultural foundation provided good conditions for the development of modern service industry including logistics industry. This year Foshan has put forward Opinions on certain matters of promoting the construction of well-known Lingnan cultural city and Development program for culture industry of Foshan(2008-2020). At the same time we propose the combine between culture and industry, breeding the diversified, market-based cultural and consumption's space, forming distinctive, structural optimal culture industry with high scientific level. All theses measures can provide cultural support and powerful guarantee for the construction of modern industry system and help creating the new image of Foshan culture namely open, compatible and innovative as well as the brand of well-known Lingnan culture city.

II. Strong economy and developed manufacturing for the service industry

Since the beginning of reform and opening, Foshan has kept freeing the mind, kept reforming, innovating and promoting the development of economy and society with all efforts. Comprehensive strength of our city is increasing continually. In the year of 2008 Foshan created a GDP of 433.33 billion RMB, ranking 3rd among cities of Guangdong province and the 11th position of all large and medium-sized cities of china in term of economic strength.

Foshan is a national well-known city with top brands and an important manufacturing base of china and even the world. After the 30 years' development, Foshan has developed his ten advantageous industries, namely, home appliance,machinery, metal processing and product,ceramics for construction materials etc. At the same time the new-developing industries such as auto-parts, advanced displays, new material, new energy and environmental protection have accelerated development. The modern industry system with gradually improved supporting capability is progressively forming. Now Foshan boasts 31 specialty industry bases at national or provincial level, 2 national demonstration region of industry distribution promotion, 39 well-known industry towns, 34 famous trademark of china and 65 china top brands. In 2008 the industrial enterprises above designed size of Foshan created an industrial output value of 1066.72 billion RMB which grew by 22.5% compared to last year and from January to may this year, this statistic achieved to 446.85 billion RMB which has a increase of 15.7% over the same period of the last year.

Foshan is a highly open city with cordinated inner- and outer-source economy. As the spearhead to implement the Reform and Opening Up Policy in China, we win investors’ heart from home and aboard with the favourable investment environment and outstanding advantage of industry cluster. In 2008, the city’s foreign director investment reached as high as 1.807 billion USD, up by 14.9% from the previous year. 66 projects valued over ten million USD were introduced, and 13 new projects from the Top 500 World Enterprises were settled in Foshan. At present, there are more than 7000 foreign invested companies with over 18 billion USD investment in Foshan, including 82projects from 42 Top 500 World Enterprises and 128 projects from 79 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises. Private economy is enjoying dramatic growth and is one of the most outstanding achievement brought by the Reform and Opening Up Policy. By the end of 2008, there are altogether 304,000 registered private companies in Foshan. The up-scale ones contributed 616.288 billion RMB to the total industrial output, an increas of 21.9%, taking up 57.8% of the city’s up-scale industrial output.Private sector accounted for 61.7% of the economic growth.

In order to step up the modern industrical mechanism, Foshan is acceleration the establishment of the “3+9 Characteristics Industrial Bases”, including three internation base of LCD Industry, Capital of Ceramic and Capital of Househole appliance, in addition with 9 national level bases of specialized machinery equipment, etc.Rapid progress has been made on manufacturing industrya and the city’s comprehensive strength, which has extended opportunities and market demands for the development of the service sector, such as modern logistics industry, financial service, tecnolog, business and commerce, cultural and creative industry, information inqury, etc.

III. Well-established infrastructure and beautiful natural environment create advantages for the developemnt of service industry

Foshan enjoys superior geographic location and efficient transportation network. The modernized and extensive network of highways, railroads, river transport and shipping consists o f 5 customs, 15 exit and entry ports, 4 passenger terminals and 11 container terminals. It is within one hour’s drive from central Foshan to the three main transport hubs of Guangzhou, namely Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou Nansha Port and Guangzhou Railway Station. In addition, Foshan is only 231 kilometres away from Hong Kong and 143 kilometres away from Macao, which can be covered by about 2 hours’ drive.7 expressways linking Guangzhou with Zhuhai, Zhanjiang, Zhaoqing run through Foshan. We also speed up the construction of the Foshan phase of expressways linking Guangzhou with Gaoming, Hezhou, Jiangmen with Zhaoqing, the Guangzhou-Zhuhai metro and railway projects, and the Foshan Ring One Expressway extension project. The Guangzhou-Foshan Subway project is under construction now and will be put into use next year. Intense preparation is being done for the reuse of Foshan Airport.

Foshan has sufficient power supply and all-round information network. In 2008, the city’s power supply totaled 39.051 billion KWH. LNG has put into commercial use since 2006. Foshan has won the titles as “National Key City of Manufacturing ICT Program” and “Guangdong Pilot City of Information Technology”. The telephone communication network, computer data network and cable television network cover every district of the city. Application of information technology is steadily pushed forward in the aspects of government administration, companies management and social service.

Foshan people is enjoying their beautiful landscape and rich life. In 2008, disposable income of urban residents grew by 9.2% to 22,494 yuan, while net income of rural residents rose by 7.7% to 9,656 yuan. Deposit balance of urban and rural residents increased by 23.1% and topped 349.411 billion yuan. At present, we actively implement an environmental program of “Green Mountain, Blue Sky, Green Land and Clear Water” by upgrading industry and the backward production, and conscientiously improving ecological and people’s living environment. In Foshan, there are 18 “Nation Clean Township”, 1 “National Eco-Village”, 2 “Township with Beautiful Environment (National-Level)”. Foshan is also crowned as “National Sanitary City”, “National Garden City”, “UN Best Practice on Human Settlements”, “National Model City for Social Security and Comprehensive Administration”, and “China’s Top 10 Happiest Cities”.

With the service philosophy of enchancing an investment environment that is favourable, safe, supportive and convenient, governments at all levels in Foshan has set up the One City Five District Interconnections Administration Service Scheme which provides investors with efficient, high-quality, convernient and prompt service. Administration Service Centre and Investment Service Centre were set up in all districts, featuring a Parallel Connection examination and approval system and one stop service mode. At the same time, all districts refer to their respective conditions of investment quantity, quality and scale, and offer individule guidance and service to different companies. The all-round and attentive support sufficiently cuts the cost of investment in Foshan and promote the development of the city.

IV. Service industry in Foshan enjoys great momentum and the establishment of the industrial service centres is speeded up

In recent years, Foshan attached top priority to the service industry development as the key to promote reformation of industrial structure and development mode. In line with this objective, a series of policies and measures are put forward, including “Outline of the Finacial Industry Development in Foshan”, “3+1 Outline of the Information Technology Development in Foshan” and “Guidance on Accerlerating the Service Industry in Foshan”. Thanks to this great move, the service industry in Foshan is in constant, rapid and healthy growth. Up to now, initial construction of Guangdong Hi-Tech Service Zone for Financial Institutions has been completed. Piles of financial service centres rush in. Contant improvement is made in the commercial facilities in Zumiao, Jihua, Guicheng, Daliang, Ronggui, Xinan, etc. Increasing influence is witnessed in 19 exhibition with regional features and covering different sectors such as eletric home applicance, ceramics, furniture, and machinery. Creative industry is rising with its distinctive characteristics and focuses on design and R&D of ceramic industry, software development, animation industry and industrial design. Regional Logistic Centre of global influence is taking shape, which supports the development of “Guangzhou-Foshan Economic Circle”, Pan Pearl River Delta and Pan South-west China. Now regional logistic cost is remarkably decreased. According to a latest research done by the South China Tecnology and Engineering University, logistic cost took up 15.2% of the GDP in 2008 in Foshan, 2.9% lower than the national average proportion.

The Outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta has included the reform and development of PRD region into the national strategic development plan and highlights the leading role of the Guangfo Metropolitan program in bringing ahead the development of the Pearl River Delta city cluster. To further promote the Guangfo Metropolitan program, Guangzhou and Foshan both signed the Guangzhou Foshan Metropolitan Cooperation Framework, containing four agreements covering the fields of city planning, transportation infrastructure, industry coordination and environment protection and 52 key projects to accomplish within this year. In addition, to accelerate the implementation of CEPA (Closer Economic Partnership Agreement), Foshan, as one of the demonstration cities for CEPA projects and key cities of the "Forerunners Try First" project in Guangdong, announced the Outline of Implementation of CEPA in Foshan. The Outline proposes further cooperation with Hong Kong and other cities in China with focus on five areas: financial service, logistics, conference and exhibition, business service and scientific and technological service. Foshan's development strategy, together with the implementation of our national policy and CEPA, will surely speed up its modern service industry, which has already displayed a vigorous momentum and enormous potential.

Ladies and gentlemen, Foshan is a vibrant city, with plenty of business opportunities and a promising future. Sound legal systems, open policies, creditworthy business environment, quality government service, stable social environment, all of these you can find in Foshan. We welcome investors from home and abroad to jointly promote Foshan's modern service industry, and we will achieve our win-win goal in our sincere cooperation.

Last but not least, I wish the Symposium a great success! And all the best with your health, your work and family!

Thank you!