Famous Overseas-funded Enterprises Going Against The Situation And Dilating

Chen Yunxian (second from the right), Lu Hanchao (third from the right) are proposing a toast to the foreign enterprisers. /Photographer, Zhou Chun

Foshan Daily report, according to correspondents Li Lin and Li Wenchao. In the year of 2008, the actual investment directly from the foreign enterprisers reached 1.807 billion US$, 14,9% up; 13projects of 500 tops of the world were newly increased, 16 enterprises which can establish branches abroad were newly approved.In the spring receptional social gathering last night, Mayor Chun Yunxian blurt out a series of favorable statistics in fluent English.

Last night, more than 300 foreign enterprisers got together and attended Foshan spring receptional social gathering of 2009.Chen Yunxian, Lu Hanchao, Li Zipu, Su Mingshi and other leaders did mutual encouraging with foreign enterprisers. Besides faithful appreciation, what leaders did more was to inform foreign enterprisers the latest policies and measures that declared by the central government, provincial government and municipal government to support enterprise development in the face of financial turmoil, and encourage them to do better.

 “In 2008, Foshan City’s total output value reached 433.33 billion, which is 15.2% higher than that of last year. GDP per Capita reached 72975 yuan, increasing 14.3%. The actual foreign direct investment reached 1.807 billion, which increased 14.9%, ” said Chen Yunxian. Without the cares and supports from the foreign enterprisers, we could never made such progress and achievements. He admired the confidence and wisdom showed by the foreign enterprisers in face of the Financial Tsunami.


“When most parts of the world are suffering a frosty autumn, Foshan is lucky to keep enjoying the warmth just like that in spring. To expand development in the most suitable place is a smart choice for enterprise to tackle financial crisis. ” Here Chen Yunxian made a vivid metaphor.. He introduced that the development of Foshan in 2009 will supply the investors huge opportunities. First, the fundamentals of the economic development haven’t been fundamentally changed. Second, the price of the major raw material continues run low, which will offer an excellent opportunity for the enterprises’ to expand. Third, a series of major steps to deal with this financial crisis adopted by Foshan will help increase the confidence of enterprise.


It is just the fact. In the social gathering, quite a few of representatives of the enterprises invest in Foshan revealed that they would not reduce the investment in Foshan in 2009. In the first quarter of 2009, Chi Mei Corp’s order increased about 70% than that of the same time of last year. According to Zhao Senlin, the deputy manager of the administration department of Nanhai Chi Mei Electronics Co. Ltd, Chi Mei increased 579 million investments. They have full confidence in the development of Nanhai. Chi Mei will make efforts to become large taxpayer and make contributions to Foshan. Although the real estate market has met with setbacks, Wang Haowen, the deputy manager of Fo Shan Rui An Tian Di Real Estate Development Ltd, also had a broad smile on his face, “the phase project of Lingnan Tiandi will start in the second quarter this year. Our confidence in investing Dong Huali hasn’t been slightly reduced.”

Favorable pieces of information came down from the gathering one after another. The foreign enterprisers chatted amiably; in the meanwhile, they enhanced mutual recognition to develop in Foshan. According to the reporter, they have got information from relative departments that when most enterprises withdraw their development under the situation of financial crises, the foreign enterprises in Foshan also hold high confidence. A batch of well-known foreign enterprises started to expand their scale in Foshan against the current situation. The project of AIG’s initial investment of 80 million dollars has started as scheduled. A group of international logistics companies in Hongkong and Singapore open companies in Foshan. Keppel Corporation will start new project in Foshan. SACMI of Italy will take new measures in Foshan. INVISTA, attacked by the Financial Tsunami, will increase 99.6 million dollars in San Shui to enlarge the Phase project after stopping several investments in other countries.