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KUKA Unveils Heavy-Duty Robot at 2023 World Robot Conference 2023-08-18

On August 16, the 2023 World Robot Conference opened in Beijing. Over 140 robotics companies from around the world showcased nearly 600 exhibits at the event, with more than 50 new products making their debuts this year, marking a historic high. KUKA, a prominent company in the robotics industry, presented a variety of industrial robots and application solutions, including the attention-grabbing KUKA robot capable of lifting up to 800 kilograms.

Compared to previous event, this year's conference offered a richer exhibition format, a wider range of product categories, and more diverse application scenarios. The event centered around the themes of innovation and practical application, featuring a new "Robot+" section with 10 application scenarios that showcased the most advanced global robotics products.


KUKA showcased four different robots and three sets of smart applications that highlighted the technological achievements and solutions they bring. These applications showcased the versatility of robots in various scenarios, including robot workstations, intelligent logistics, and smart welding integration workstations.

The 800-kilogram heavy-duty KUKA robot is capable of precisely and rapidly moving heavy and large parts, even in challenging environments like high humidity, high temperature, and dirt. Despite its strength, this robot doesn't have to be huge. Compared to similar products, it boasts a lighter weight and a compact design with dual support arms.

These robots can be applied in various scenarios, including loading and unloading lithium battery baking, integrated automotive die-casting component handling, transporting new energy vehicle battery PACKs, transferring large glass panels, and lifting heavy steel beams. They are suitable for various tasks like welding, gluing, machining, transportation, and stacking.


In January, the Midea-KUKA Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Park in Shunde saw the launch of a fully automated production line where "robots manufacture robots." This remarkable endeavor, the first of its kind both in China, produces heavy-duty robots in an automated manner. Up to 40 robots are produced each day, with a production cycle of approximately 30 to 40 minutes per robot.

At this year's conference, leading global robotics companies, universities, and research institutions came together to exhibit the latest research achievements, application products, and solutions in the world of robotics. These robots are not only making strides in industries such as energy and logistics, but also reaching into daily life, contributing to fields like healthcare, education, and eldercare. There was an array of intriguing exhibits that demonstrated both technological innovation and entertainment, such as street artist robots, lifelike pets, chess-playing robots, and surgical assistants.


The 2023 World Robot Conference, themed "Open Innovation, Sharing the Future", has extended its duration from 5 to 7 days and will conclude on August 22.