Chancheng District


  Situated in the center of the city and home to the Foshan Municipal People's Government, Chancheng has an area of 154.02 square kilometers and a population of 597,000 people. It has jurisdiction over one township and three sub-districts. In 2007, Chancheng District created 68.384 billion RMB, an increase of 19.2%. With the implementation of the You Er Jin San strategy (optimizing the second industry while improving the tertiary industry), urban economy has been largely boosted and centralization of quality product development has been highly elevated. While the comprehensive strength of the central district has been to a large extend enhanced, the city has taken on a new look. Chancheng District is the center for exhibition, sales, research and development, logistic information for ceramic product, as well as the center for ceramic arts, culture and tourism. Numerous large-scale nationally leading ceramic enterprises and famous ceramic brands set bases here, among which are China Ceramics City and Hua Xia Ceramic City, ranking at the top in China in terms of distribution capacity. The ceramic industry headquarters constructed in 2007 will advance brand-building, R&D, logistics, exhibition and overall economy of the ceramic industry. The district has seen steady development in its pillar industries including mechanical, electronic and plastic product, knitwear, children's wear and non-ferrous metals, and neck breaking speed in headquarter economy and innovative industry.