Nanhai District


  Located in the center of the city, Nanhai District has an area of 1074.05 square kilometers and a population of 1.143 million people. It has jurisdiction over eight townships (sub-districts) and created a GDP of 121.697 billion RMB in 2007, an increase of 20.8%, placed the 5th  in the Top 100 Townships (Cities/Districts) ranking in 2005. A persistent believer in Development for Win-win, Nanhai avails itself of various opportunities, doubles its efforts in industrial development and building a modern manufacturing base, advances traditional industries such as electronic home appliances and non-ferrous metals, elevates the centralization of emerging industries including LCD TV, automobile parts and electronic information, and obtains breakthroughs in sectors such as financial service, comic and animation industry, and software. Guangdong Financial High-tech Service Zone, set by the Qian Deng Lake in Nanhai in 2007, is the first of the Seven Strategic Foundation Platforms of the Guangdong Province of Finance project. Designated as a pilot point for national informatization, Nanhai has the best information infrastructure, information application technology and information industry; the Nanhai Software IT Park is one of the Four Key Software Parks subsidized by the provincial government.


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