Gaoming District


  In the west of the city, with an area of 960 square kilometers and a population of 292,000 people, Gaoming District has jurisdiction over four townships (sub-districts). It created a GDP of 27.276 billion RMB in 2007, an increase of 24%, placed the 36th in the Top 100 Townships (Cities/Districts) ranking in 2005. With a high agricultural integration level, Gaoming has a good number of famous agricultural brands, one of which is the National Geographic Labeling Product -- Heshui Fenge (Lobed Kudzuvine root, a type of edible plant root used as food and medicine). With Guangdong Esquel Group as the leading force, Gaoming has formed quite a complete industrial system entailing textile, chemical industry, plastics, construction material, electronic home appliances and metal product. Favored by a unique and beautiful ecological environment with 45.2% forest coverage, Gaoming has earned the titles of "Shan Lin Shui Du" (A place with large areas of mountains, forests and water), and "Green Township (District)". Zao Mu Mountain, the highest mountain of Foshan, is situation in Gaoming.


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