Sanshui District



  In the north of the city, with an area of 874.22 square kilometers and a population of 389,000 people, Sanshui District has jurisdiction over five townships (sub-districts) and one economic zone. It created a GDP of 33.461 billion RMB in 2007, an increase of 22.5%, placed the 21st in the Top 100 Townships (Cities/Districts) ranking in 2005. Active in implementing the Industrial District strategy, Sanshui is committed to energy efficiency, emission reduction, ecological environment protection and balance of economy and environment. International brands are established, such as Jian Li Bao beverage other industries including packing, metal product, plastic product, electronics and chemicals. Sanshui is titled as the Town of Longevity. During recent years, Sanshui has made full advantage of the location advantage of adjacency with Guangdong New Baiyun Airport, doubled efforts in air transportation and port affairs, and made primary achivements.