The Notable Denim Industry of Jun An, China

As the characteristic business of Jun An, denim textile clothing industry has became to the top investment by three variations that happen particularly in the latest two or three years since 2004, it is thus Jun An to plays a hot role of investment now day.

The denim textile clothing industry was begin in the early 90s of last century in Jun An, it was invested by oversea villagers originally, and grew into the formal scale of business until 1998. During that period, mostly factories in Jun An were processing factories which got orders from domestic and foreign distributors from Kangle, Guangzhou, Xintang, Zengcheng. The factories would process fabric and tailoring according to their requirements of quality and style. Since 1998, there was some variation came into Jun An and brought difference to the business form. Firstly, the convenient transport condition attracted many top international brands, such as Louis、LCC、Marlboro and Wal-Mark etc joined into and exploited the market of Jun An and it was thus Jun An established  ‘Fu An International Denim City’ from a small town. The second is the local enterprises in Jun An started to employed specialized fashion designers (it was also called as “patter maker” in this industry), the firms also applied the design patents. The designs with own ideas as well as meeting the consumers demands. Third, thanks to increased export orders that Changrun, Jindian etc. enterprises had phase-in E-trade to improve the efficiency dealing with foreign firms. Specific procedures as follow: it is primary to finish design and take photo by the digital camera, than send by the E-mail, after the email confirm by the foreigners, deliver the samples, the mass production would be carried out by the official confirmation. 

As the saying by economists that “agglomerate effect of characterized economy” could be shown on these three changes. Particularly from 2002 to now day, there are nearly 40 enterprises from home and abroad had signed the contracts of “investment land use” with Jun An, the gross investment is more than 500 million, and most of the investors are relevant with denim textile. The statistics from Textile and Clothing Chamber of Commerce shows that nearly 700 enterprises of denim textile and denim accessorizes have been developing in Changxing Industrial Park in Jun An, there including local private corporations and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment together with about 300 enterprises from Zhenjiang、Jiangsu、Shanghai and Henan etc in Fu An International Denim City as well as the denim business of other cities in the Pearl River Delta. Therefore, Jun An has acted as the most vitality denim textile investment centre of China.

For Jun An jeans industry is in an ultra-conventional development, the local government has regulate the development of the industry and institute the strategy of sustainable development to upgrade the core competitiveness and enlarge the jeans enterprises in Jun An.

After years of development since the late 1970’s, the denim industry in Jun An had set up a denim clothing system gradually forming of textile, pulp dyeing, garment and laundry, which has more than 300 denim clothing enterprises, 100 fabric firms and 40,000 industrial workers,