South China Steel Logistics and Trading Center

South China (International) Steel Logistics and Trading Center, the most important steel logistics and trading center in China, which was startup officially in “China Furniture City”-Lecong on Mar. 17th 2005. It is an all-in-one international steel center invested with 600 million RMB highlights the modern logistics, which integrates trading, storage, working, information, processing, distribution, and banking in one. The center offers a full range of “one-stop” services for purchasers and manufacturers from all over the world or inland. Some significant futures, like hi-tech, highly intensive, perfect matching, ultra-large-scale, can fully integrated international and domestic resources. 

The center is the first to set up the spot “steel e-trading platform” which can dealing through the internet. “Membership” is adopted by the “platform”, it provides the factories and traders with online auction, bid, tender transactions, storage inquiries and other services, but also provide advisory services like the latest order, logistics news, pricing, company news etc.

In order to ensure data of members and the login security, the system utilizes the prevalent B\S structure, This structure in the adoption of this high-end information security with data encryption and the USB-Key to guarantee the speed, security and stability of the entire system.

Taking the “Steel e-trading platform” as the most prominent feature, the center also provides the general members with diversified services such as electronic storage platform, electronic steel processing platform, electronic transport platform, e-finance platform, bonded warehouse and business offices. 

There are ABCDEFG sever large-scale storage in the center and the storage capacity reaches 1.5 million tons.

The processing capacity is more than 2.8 tons per year. The center would smooth and slit for the cold and hot rolling plates, stainless steel plates, colored boards, electrolytic sheets etc. top grade materials which sheet thickness of 0.2mm-26mm, width of 100mm-2200mm.

The South China Transportation Company which provided with a hugeness transport capacity will be established. The company has more than 20 large trucks and has formed a “powerful alliances” with shipping, railway and highway enterprises at home and abroad, by dint of modern logistic network interface to achieve harmonious scheduling.

The Trading Center has established long-term stable business relationship with steel enterprises at mainland and Taiwan region and foreign steel companies in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Japan etc. The center also become the designated logistics cooperation warehousing for ABC, SDB and GDB etc. banks to provides the financing provision services for customers. In case the customers store goods in the warehouse, they can apply for loans for these banks taking the goods as surety. The center is also preparing to introduce law firms, accounting firms, postal telecommunications, network companies, advertising agencies and other service agencies to improve the business attached services.

In addition, there are large steel trading building, comprehensive offices building, South China Restaurants and staffs dormitory, together with the City River, a large-scale green area, which is called the steel city, the garden of steel city.
You can click your keyboard and query the details (including the inventory, composition, performance and price, and even the mill certificate) of 1.5 million tons steel in the warehouse; you can enter the distribution processing request, than waiting the center send you the steel on time; you can also go and find your rolled steel easily in the center with the electric vehicle……You can experience the fast and convenient easily and nicely through the modern technology, highly intensive, perfect facilities and ultra-large-scale from South China (International) Logistics Steel Trading Center. At this point, the going around and troubling steel trading in the past become such fashion and leisure here……

It can be anticipated that South China (International) Logistics Steel Trading Center will become the logistics center of steel trading in China and even all over the world in the near future.