Xiqiao Cake

In Hongzhi Year, Ming Dynasty, Fang Xianfu was an officer for the King. One day when he got up and finished gargle, his servant did not breakfast him in time. So he went to the kitchen and found his chef turned out late to prepare dim sum. Then Fang had saw there was fermented dough on the desk and let the chef mix the dough with eggs and sugar to bake a cake. Fang had the cake packed and went to the palace in a hurry.

When Fang arrived at the palace he had his breakfast with tea before his work and found it soft and aromatic. His colleagues all smelled the flavor of the cake and asked what kind of cake did he eat? Fang missed his countryside so much and answered without hesitate: “It is Xiqiao Cake.” After work, Fang had his chef bake dozens of cakes in the same way and brought to the palace the next morning shared with his colleagues. All colleagues praised those delicious cakes and these cakes had become popular in the palace. Then Fang often asked his chef to bake cakes for himself or serving the customers.

Afterward, Fang got a disease so he abdicated and returned to countryside. He set up Shiquan College in Xiqiao Mountain and taught the method of making cake to the people here for 10 years. The fountain here in Xiqiao Mountain makes the cake tastier. And for the sharp of cake just like the full moon with good meaning, people here take them as a present for marriage, visiting and festival.

In late Qing Dynasty and Early Republic of China, the best Xiqiao Cake was come from Min Le Xu, a bakery not far from Xiqiao Mountain. The cake from Min Le Xu was not only delicious but cutting without dregs and keeping for 10 days in the summer time. Though there are so many bakeries in Guangzhou, Foshan copy the cake, the tastiest Xiqiao Cake is the local ones. Nowadays there are miscellaneous dim sums, the local Xiqiao Cake is also commercioganic.