Nanhai Rattan Works

Rattan works has 100 years history in Nanhai, it stared from the people in Shabei re-knit the cushions and baskets with the rattan basket from Southeast Asia. 
Along with the improvement of rattan cutting tackles and the diversification of the product pattern, the workers had been all over Huangqi, Yanbu area but not only in Shabei. Subsequently, a large number of rattan imported from Indonesia directly as the raw material and pushed Nanhai turn into the important base for exported rattan works. Nanhai Rattan Factory and Dongfeng Rattan Factory is the two major manufacturers in Nanhai, their products such as: rattan knitting for folding screen and ceiling; flexible, cool, comfortable, and durable rattan mat; lifelike, ingenious , slinky rattan stuffs. There are tiny things like exquisite decorate boxes, big things like rattan sofa, rattan reclining chair, rattan swivel chair, rattan chest, rattan dresser etc. The rattan works form Nanhai is one of the traditional export goods in Guangdong.  

In recently years, the export value has been increased by 30% every year, in addition to selling to Hong Kong and Macao, but also exported to Japan, the United States, Canada and Southeast Asia and Europe etc. more than 500 counties and regions.